Sunday, November 18, 2012

The Waiting Game

So here it is, the three weeks or so of terrible waiting. I already have had to wait so long it feels like just to get my papers in and now its time to wait for the call.

So I got this idea of a mission blog from a few friends and decided it will be a great way for my mom to post my weekly emails so that everyone can know. Not because I am conceded and think everyone wants to read about me but because I have so many friends on missions and that 2 week delay between letters is killer so for those who really do care this is for them.

But in the mean time lets play the guessing game of where am I going! leave a comment with your guesses, you get 1 foreign, 1 stateside, and 1 for where you would want me to go. Here are my guesses:
Foreign - Sao Paulo Brazil
Stateside - San Antonia Texas - Spanish Speaking
I want - ok I want 2 either Salt Lake Temple Square ASL (cuz that means I'm pretty and I get to speak my favorite language) OR Rio Brazil so I have an excuse to go down for the 2016 olympics.

When I get the call I will post the video of me reading it here, So check back later!

Suzy (soon to be Sister) Grove