Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Working Girls

So this week has been just filled with work!   And it was awesome and totally paid off!!

We had 3 investigators come to church and all of them are progressing along really well.  So this week we managed to go and have 26 lessons, we really are determined to hit 30.  We are also really hoping that maybe they will split our area after this transfer since we are over both family ward and YSA and that spreads us pretty thin.  We just need to get enough work to do that now.   We also decided that we are gonna get a hold of the elders bikes and start biking every once in a while.  I’m excited cuz bikes mean talking to more people!

We had the best experience yesterday.  So we leave YSA sacrament meeting to go to the ward and as we are leaving there was a guy outside on his bike and so we went and talked to him and gave him a Book of Mormon.  Now this is really amazing because unlike Tucson not everyone here is willing to take a Book of Mormon so giving one out is a real accomplishment.  I was just so happy to get to talk to someone new about the gospel.  

Hope everyone is doing well
Much love
Hermana Grove

Note from Mom:  Do not get so dependent on technology.  Suzy was very upset this week because she was not getting emails from me.  For some reason I was receiving her emails but she was not getting mine.

Thursday, September 19, 2013


Yep it was that time again. The dreaded transfers. So sister Waldo left and I just got Sister Hansen.  Funny thing she was just companions with my MTC companion.  Nothing to exciting has happened this week.  We did wake up this morning to our car having shaving cream with oreos and seran wrapped though.   And so did the other elders.  We all don’t know who did it but it’s super funny.   So ya it’s fun up here in New Mexico and we are ready to work!

Hermana Grove

Tuesday, September 10, 2013


Yep so this week I got sick.   I just slept for most of Friday, Saturday, and Sunday.   That’s about it.   We really didn’t get to much done cuz of it.   But I do feel better now.

I also got to give a talk on Sunday (while sick)  about how the commandments relate to missionary work.   It basically stemmed from Matthew 22 in the bible and how the two greatest commandments are to love God then love your neighbor and how that related to loving others in sharing the gospel.   I don’t really remember it cuz of being sick but people told me it was good.

Much Love to All
Go Cougars!
Hermana Grove

Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Cowgirl Up!

This week has been AMAZING!   We taught 28 lessons (yep that’s right!)  Of course they were mostly less active members but still it’s the most I have ever taught and the highest in our zone.   With all of that we had a blast.  

Yesterday we got to go down to a member’s ranch and help them brand, castrate, ear tag, and vaccinate cows.  It was such a fun, dirty, and bloody time. Oh, then we proceeded to have rocky mountain oysters (the result of castration aka cow testicles).   I only could take one tiny bite, it just tasted like a ball of fat and then there was still some blood in it so I couldn’t do any more. 

Also on Saturday we got to go out to City of Rocks with our investigator and a member.   We went lizard hunting and we all caught lizards.  It was so fun!   I’m so lucky to be out here.

So a scripture a member told me this week comes from 1Coritians1:17 and it talks about how Christ did not send me to baptize but to preach the gospel.   It really helped me out since I’m 6 months out and have yet to have a baptism.

Hermana Grove

My current zone

I don't want to leave!

Welcome to New Mexico!

Bringing the gospel to the middle of nowhere.....

Together in the middle of nowhere. This is a town called Hurly.  I don't know if it even shows up on a map

 This family just got sealed and we got to be there!

We love the temple!

We attempted a jumping pic and failed....

Hiking last week

With some of the other sisters

                     City of Rocks Lizard Catching

Lizard hunting is hard.....

                     I hope you can see my lizard!

City of Rocks!

   Holding a member's turtle.  We want one of our own.....