Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Cowgirl Up!

This week has been AMAZING!   We taught 28 lessons (yep that’s right!)  Of course they were mostly less active members but still it’s the most I have ever taught and the highest in our zone.   With all of that we had a blast.  

Yesterday we got to go down to a member’s ranch and help them brand, castrate, ear tag, and vaccinate cows.  It was such a fun, dirty, and bloody time. Oh, then we proceeded to have rocky mountain oysters (the result of castration aka cow testicles).   I only could take one tiny bite, it just tasted like a ball of fat and then there was still some blood in it so I couldn’t do any more. 

Also on Saturday we got to go out to City of Rocks with our investigator and a member.   We went lizard hunting and we all caught lizards.  It was so fun!   I’m so lucky to be out here.

So a scripture a member told me this week comes from 1Coritians1:17 and it talks about how Christ did not send me to baptize but to preach the gospel.   It really helped me out since I’m 6 months out and have yet to have a baptism.

Hermana Grove

My current zone

I don't want to leave!

Welcome to New Mexico!

Bringing the gospel to the middle of nowhere.....

Together in the middle of nowhere. This is a town called Hurly.  I don't know if it even shows up on a map

 This family just got sealed and we got to be there!

We love the temple!

We attempted a jumping pic and failed....

Hiking last week

With some of the other sisters

                     City of Rocks Lizard Catching

Lizard hunting is hard.....

                     I hope you can see my lizard!

City of Rocks!

   Holding a member's turtle.  We want one of our own.....

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