Tuesday, August 27, 2013

The Purpose of This Work

So this week I really got a chance to see the ultimate purpose of this work.   We got to go to the temple to see a couple in our ward married for eternity!  This couple had just recently come back to church because of missionaries and it just made me think that this really is the purpose of our work.  I thought of the quote that a missionary is someone who leaves their family for a short time so others can be with theirs for eternity.  It is so true.  And we got to see this first hand with this family.

That was the big event of the week.  We also got to go on a hike this morning with some of our zone and that was super fun.  We ended up roasting hot dogs too.  I smell like smoke from that haha....

Last thing was that since we cover 2 different groups of people (well 3)   we do splits on Sundays now and with that I got to go to our ward all by myself and try to learn everything about well everything.  It was a bit overwhelming.  It’s overwhelming enough to just be in a new ward but then to be a missionary and by yourself, you just have no clue....

But the work goes on!
Hermana Grove

Monday, August 19, 2013

6 Months!

Woah!   Tomorrow I will have been out for 6 months. It so does not feel that long but at the same time it does.  It’s kinda sad to think I only have a year left but it’s the time allotted for me to serve in this way for now.

So yesterday we went to see a lost sheep (non-active member), and he yelled and yelled (in Spanish) about how screwed up the church is but he turned to me and asked me for a scripture that could help you find out what is true and so I start to go to the Book of Mormon in Alma 32  and he is like NO En LA BIBLIA.   So I grab one and he says now go to Santiago (James)  and instead I just rattled of James 1:5 (in spanish of course).   YEAH for Holy Ghost bringing things to your remembrance!  He now likes us :)  , well at least me.  Haha  So ya that was fun.  

I also got to go on exchanges this week and that was super fun.  My companion for the day also used to coach gymnastics so we had a blast.  We ran about 2 miles for morning workout - it was SO nice!   

Hmm what else,  O we played capture the flag with our YSA’s and I got a bunch of red ant bites on my hand.  That wasn’t fun.

We also had a Zone Conference this week and we talked about a principle and a rule and the difference between the two.  It’s really awesome cuz all our commandments are kinda rules, but they all come from the principle of loving the Lord and others.  Also then any other modern rule stems from the principle that we follow a prophet.  

I am really loving it out here in New Mexico.  It’s such a cute little town and we just have so much fun!

Hermana Grove

Monday, August 12, 2013

First week in New Mexico

So out here in New Mexico it is very country.  Like our members give us things from their farms.  I now drink goat milk and eat fresh eggs.  

The work is insanely slow, like I thought it was slow in my last area but no it’s worse.  We only taught 15 lessons (like 3 of them were investigators).    But the fun thing about life here is that I get to drive a jeep, mostly cuz if we had a little car it wouldn't make it since we drive on so many dirt roads.    

Also, I got chased by a dog..... again........     This time we were walking up to a less active member's giant dirt driveway and down the drive way comes this dog booking it and barking real loud at us.  I ran back to the jeep realizing as I ran that the dog was much faster than me,  but it was OK cuz it stopped before it got to us.  

Other interesting thing is serving in a YSA (Young Single Adult) branch,  everyone is my age.  So it’s kinda like being at home and we go to all their activities and things.  It’s super weird just chatting and being part of a YSA group again....

Oh and it’s way weird to be eating American food again.  I got steak one day and yummy pasta another!   No beans and rice.  It’s really weird.

Hermana Grove
                                                        Welcome to New Mexico!

This is my last district.  It pretty much sums up our transfer.  The sisters seriouse and the elders crazy.

My Honduran family I love so much!

                                                        Welcome to the country.

                                     The city of South Tucson!    aka Northern Mexico

Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Welcome to New Mexico, Land of Enchantment

So this week has been transfers and I am out in Silver City New Mexico!

It’s crazy different.  So far this is what I know,  my companion's name is Hermana Waldo from California too!    She is a transfer younger than me in the mission.   We never see our zone, only our district, and that’s only 4 companionships.  I drive a jeep and am over an English Ward, YSA Branch and Spanish Group.   Everyone works in "the mines"  and lives in trailers.  There is a little college here and a lot, and I mean a LOT of country side.   The nearest Sisters are about an hour away and I will pretty much not see other missionaries.  It’s super different

I was SO sad to leave Tucson and my awesome branch there.   Yes I cried.....   So this week I really don't remember much I just know that my brain is spinning cuz I’m super tired and had a 4 hour drive to get out here.  I do remember Sunday night was super fun because we had 3 dinners.....    yep this is why I have gained 15 pounds,  which brings me to my next point of someone please send me something for weight loss.   haha!!!

So ya that’s what’s going on now.
Hermana Grove