Monday, March 31, 2014


Ya Molasses would be faster than this week I think.....

We did get stuff done but it was just super slow.  Everything fell through.

However we did have an exchange so one of the sisters who was in the MTC with me came up here and we had a blast!   Again no one was there for their appointments so we went trackting and found theses awesome construction workers.  No one on the actual street was interested but the construction workers were - Talk with Everyone is in play here.

Well I hope everyone has a good week!

Hermana Grove

Tuesday, March 25, 2014


So I just realized something super funny this week. It’s kinda delayed but I still remember how when I was about to get my mission call and I wanted to go to Rio, Brazil. Well I am serving in the El Rio branch right now. Isn’t Heavenly Father funny...  I was just remembering how whenever we tell people the name of our branch they start singing the Rio song from the movie.

Anyway this week has gone by so fast.  We did a lot.  We found a whole family to teach!  That’s right a FAMILY!   Those are the best!  So how we found them was we went to yard sales - just to be able to talk to people that can’t slam doors in our faces -  and they were just so excited to see 2 white girls that could speak spanish so we explained what we do and they invited us back so we taught them a simple little lesson on Jesus Christ and the Book of Mormon.  And they invited us back for this week!  It was just one of those lessons that I left going this is what missionary work is all about!  It was awesome!

Then later in the week we met another family only they weren’t so awesome.  He was a member (emphasis on the WAS part)  and they were real nice to us at first and welcomed us in.  But then when we started talking church it was like our words hit brick walls like 10 layers thick.  These people Love missionaries but hate what we talk about and had just completely hardened their hearts to anything we had to say.  It was so sad to see pictures of the Dad's family all happy at temple weddings and yet him just be so cold to it all.  I’m sure his family prays for him everyday and I just hope one day he sees what he is missing.

But that’s missionary work, you get your highs and your lows and everywhere in between.

Hermana Grove

Monday, March 17, 2014

Another Week!

So this week was actually super great!   We got a lot done!!!   So we had changes in our area, so we went to part of our new area.  It’s like 20 miles out of town and it’s just desert and trailers.  But just in our one visit we saw 3 people!   And the Elders who gave us that part said it was useless....  silly Elders missionary work is for Sisters.

We have also been just driving around a lot trying to find people who used to get taught by the missionaries.  It’s called formers work and it’s just crazy because we drive and drive and find the house, then when we find out that they don’t live there we cross them off.  Nothing to exciting but hey it’s something to do and sometimes we find people who speak spanish.

At church on Sunday was crazy awkward.  We had a high council man speak (someone not from our congregation)  and he told a story of his working for border patrol.....   not the thing to bring up in a Spanish branch.  So he talked about finding people about to die and how giving them water is like how we need the Living water of Jesus Christ.  The message was great but the chapel was DEAD silent and I could just tell that everyone was like ummm bad choice of story topic!   But hey it made for a good story.

Then last night while trying to go to bed our upstairs neighbors were well being very noisy with something rather inappropriate - baby making....    and so my companion and I stayed up just singing hymns until they stopped....   o the fun of being a missionary!

Hermana Grove

Monday, March 10, 2014

So this is how Old feels

So all this week the theme has been "Wow you only have a little bit left".   I have heard that from like every new missionary in our zone as well as our members.   It’s so weird to think that ya that is true and yet I feel like I really still do have a long time.   

But this week was great!  We got so much done it was crazy!   We have had some boundary changes for our area so we now doubled our size but lost part - which happened to be the part that we had been working the entire time I’ve been here.  So we are going to have some fun.  So with that we still have this one little corner that has a little Mexico trailer park that we have spent just about everyday in this week.   We will go for an appointment and just walk around the entire park and talk to anyone we see - we are really good at that.  This week I even talked to this one guy while he was fixing his car.  It was kind of awkward but hey that’s what happens when you talk to everyone!

Here is a quote that I loved from our mission president today:   In other words, one day the Lord won't ask what did you DO in life, but he will ask what did you BECOME.  When your mission is ended, no one will really care what you DID on your mission, but they will see what you were able to BECOME.  Choose to Become.

Hermana Grove

With my last zone

Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Transfer time!

Yep it was transfers again.   So I now have a new companion.  It’s awesome because we served around the same area as each other in New Mexico.  Also everyone keeps telling us how much we will be getting along. 

So yesterday we got to go biking for a little while cuz one of the Elders biffed it and scraped up his hands really bad, so we gave them the car.   But we had may flaws in our plan: #1  I don't really know how to ride a bike to well....   #2 it was dark and the bikes had no lights on them   #3 we had to take a really busy street   #4 the member we went to see wasn’t home.....   #5  I had to use the bathroom really bad.....  But hey we made it and I’m still alive.  We just took back roads in neighborhoods as much as possible and the Elders followed us with the lights of the car.  Then on the main road we just took the sidewalk (we really debated this cuz it was risk getting hit by a car because they couldn't really see us or risk the ticket of riding on the sidewalk.  We decided the ticket would be better than dying)   But I was so scared I just held on to the handle bars sooooo tight!   The elders asked me how I felt after and my answer was just I don't know.  All I felt was scared and just prayed the entire way that I would make it safe.

Also this week was the Gilbert Temple Dedication.  That’s something so special to be able to go see the dedication of a house of the Lord.  One thing that really stood out to me was that just because there are problems to overcome doesn’t mean that great things aren't going to happen - President Eyring shared from when they were building the San Diego temple and how there were so many problems they had with it that he wasn't even sure if the Lord would accept that temple.  But He did and it’s now one of the most beautiful and recognizable temples around.

Have a great week everyone!
Hermana Grove