Tuesday, March 25, 2014


So I just realized something super funny this week. It’s kinda delayed but I still remember how when I was about to get my mission call and I wanted to go to Rio, Brazil. Well I am serving in the El Rio branch right now. Isn’t Heavenly Father funny...  I was just remembering how whenever we tell people the name of our branch they start singing the Rio song from the movie.

Anyway this week has gone by so fast.  We did a lot.  We found a whole family to teach!  That’s right a FAMILY!   Those are the best!  So how we found them was we went to yard sales - just to be able to talk to people that can’t slam doors in our faces -  and they were just so excited to see 2 white girls that could speak spanish so we explained what we do and they invited us back so we taught them a simple little lesson on Jesus Christ and the Book of Mormon.  And they invited us back for this week!  It was just one of those lessons that I left going this is what missionary work is all about!  It was awesome!

Then later in the week we met another family only they weren’t so awesome.  He was a member (emphasis on the WAS part)  and they were real nice to us at first and welcomed us in.  But then when we started talking church it was like our words hit brick walls like 10 layers thick.  These people Love missionaries but hate what we talk about and had just completely hardened their hearts to anything we had to say.  It was so sad to see pictures of the Dad's family all happy at temple weddings and yet him just be so cold to it all.  I’m sure his family prays for him everyday and I just hope one day he sees what he is missing.

But that’s missionary work, you get your highs and your lows and everywhere in between.

Hermana Grove

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