Monday, April 29, 2013

Can you feel the Love?

So this week has been a very emotional week.  We had a sister's training and so that was the greatest to get to see all the sisters in the mission and especially my MTC district sisters.  But that night our baptism dropped so we are still meeting with him but he gets to pick his new date. It is really sad because we don't know what more we can do to help this young man and know he wants to be baptized.  Then on Thursday we went up to the Gila Valley and got to go to the Temple which was awesome!   But afterwards we went to lunch at this pizza buffet and all got super sick from it. Like our stomachs are still hurting!  But then on Saturday was the saddest because we had this amazing family move into the area cuz the father needed a liver transplant about 3 weeks ago and this week he took a turn for the worse and passed away on Saturday. It was very hard for my companion and I cuz we have come to love this family so much and we were really mourning with those that mourn as it says in Mosiah 18. So we visited the family and learned that today they will move back to Texas. So we said goodbye along with the rest of the branch last night and the Grandmother insisted that it was not adios pero Hasta Pronto and that we will have to visit them in Texas. It has been great working with this family and helping them see how God has a plan for all of us and that they will see their dad again.  

So this week has been a bunch of ups and downs as always for a mission.  But I love it and am so glad that I can be here to help others.  I really get to feel the Spirit work through me everyday.  For example we had an extra half hour to knock on doors and didn't know where we wanted to go so I just drove till I felt like we should stop and we stopped on this small street and found this family with a very ill mother and they let us in and had us say a prayer with them.  People really see us as messengers and ministers of Christ and I know that was why we were supposed to be there.

Thank you for everyone's support!
Much Love
Hermana Grove

Monday, April 22, 2013

Yeah for Being Alive

Sooooo  I have a new appreciation for being alive :)  This week we were going to visit an investigation family and in the parking lot a man rolled down his window next to us and talked to my companion, it was a little weird... Well the man was a member of the church and recognized us as missionaries but he was there because he was a US Marshal and he told us they were about to carry out an operation so we might want to leave (he had a bullet proof vest with him and everything).  But he asked where our appointment was and told us we would be fine.  So we went, but they weren't home, so we ran out of there as fast as we could!  It’s wonderful how God is watching out for us in some of the strangest ways.

But aside from that I’m doing great!  That family we were trying to visit is amazing. They all came to church yesterday and we have gotten to teach them a ton.  Only thing is that last night our lesson got hijacked by the members of the branch and they did amazing, but taught the entire plan of salvation and gospel of Jesus Christ (at the same time).  I just hope the family's heads didn’t roll off that night.  I’m really loving these people more and more and I can tell we are doing good here.  It is a ton of hard work but so worth it to save souls!

So I have really learned the importance of strengthening our strengths. This week Sister Killpack told me that and I thought about it with our Branch.  We have been really trying to strengthen it more and more and because of that we are getting referrals, so we can have some more people to teach!

I also had to give my first talk in church in Spanish yesterday!   Thank goodness they were nice and just had me be a youth speaker so I only spoke for 3 minutes but still it was a bit crazy.   However everyone told me I did wonderful and that they understood everything I said!   Yeah for that!!!

Much love to all!
Hermana Grove

Monday, April 15, 2013

Lets get Finding!

So this week was very busy.  We haven’t had many people to teach so we spend a lot of time looking for people to teach which means knocking on a lot of doors!   Also on Thursday was a special mission wide finding day where we went on exchanges.   So I got exchanged to an english area in North Tucson and learned just how different it is serving in an english ward versus spanish branch.  Now I thought we got treated pretty well here, the members feed us every day and we have a car and a pretty nice apartment.  But those english sisters are SPOILED they have a nicer apartment than I have every lived in - it’s one of the few places in Tucson with actual green grass.  It also had a dish washer and walk in closet!   I was just floored.   Then they get dinners with members every night where the members give them tons of leftovers, especially desserts - the kitchen had about 5 cakes just sitting on the counter.  Then for dinner that night we went out with a member to Outback Steak House!  My jaw almost hit the floor.  But here was the issue, I have adapted so well to mexican food that the food at the restaurant made me sick the whole next day.......   But with all those perks their work is a bit harder since people aren't exactly as humble up there so they are much less likely to change.  Also homes are so spread out that we walked at least 4 miles which equaled major blisters on my feet that ended up bursting while walking.  So I can officially say that I bled for the work!   But while I was gone Hermana Wright who was in my area got bit by a dog so I think I was very content with the blisters.   But overall that day was very successful for the mission.   And for me the best part was that we knocked on a door where the lady spoke spanish and my companion at the time didn't know much spanish since she has been serving english for the past 2 transfers, so I talked to her the whole contact!  In Spanish all by myself!!!   And ended up giving the referral to the Elders who serve also in my brach.  I was so happy to have talked with someone in understandable Spanish and understand her.  It made me feel like im actually making progress!

So aside from that we should hopefully have a baptism this week!  A mission really is a ton of work but it is so worth it when I get to see someone make that choice to follow God and Jesus Christ!

Bye for now
Hermana Grove

Monday, April 8, 2013

First week in the desert!

Wow so this week has been busy.   We have one investigator who is going to be baptized on the 20th and he told us that he was praying to know the Book of Mormon was true and got "a good feeling!"  It was the greatest.  But other than him we just have to find a TON of people, so we have been tocar a la puerta (tracting)  and it’s hard work.   A lot of the streets are mostly dirt so we get super dirty.  One of the new elders had said if we weren’t told we were still in the U.S. you would think we were in Mexico.  However at least in Mexico everyone would speak Spanish.... That has been hard.  About half, if not more of the people we contact don’t even speak Spanish so we have to tell the English elders about them. It’s sad but when we do find someone who speaks spanish its fun.  Especially because they look at me so funny when I first start speaking Spanish.  The other day I was in a hot pink shirt and cuz of the sun I look extra blonde, so I knocked on a door and started speaking spanish and the man at the door had this look on his face I like to call "what Barbie can speak Spanish???"   It was so funny.  So ya my companion's name is Hermana Monjaras and she is from Anaheim California and lucky for me is fluent in Spanish since both her parents are from Mexico.

So this weekend being General Conference was so great.  I loved hearing the number of current missionaries there are and knowing I am a part of it.  I also think that the whole conference was secretly directed at only missionaries but I might be biased.  So the work is going, maybe slowly, but its going and a lot of people out here at least now know who we are and a few of the bugs know what I taste like, o and I know what they taste like (let’s not discuss that) 

I hope everyone is doing well and got to watch General Conference, we really are blessed to have a prophet on the earth today.

Much Love
Hermana Grove

Tuesday, April 2, 2013

I'm Here!

Wow Im in Tucson now!    It is crazy to think that just 2 days ago I was in the nice safe little bubble of the MTC where everyone was Mormon and now I’m out here where not so many people are.....   So yesterday we flew out in the morning then got to do orientation and play some games.   President and Sister Killpack are the BEST!   They are so cute and love each other so much!   Then last night we got to spend the night at the mission home and that was the best sleep I have gotten in 6 weeks!   The sheets were so soft and amazing, and I was so tired.   O also last night we had something called Senora Hot Dogs (forgive the spelling)   which are like a giant roll with a hot dog, beans, tomatoes, mustard, green chili sauce, either mayo or sour cream I couldn't tell, and I think sauerkraut - I honestly couldn't tell what all was in it but just that it was delicious!

So this morning we got to find out our new companions and our areas.  I am serving in a Spanish branch somewhere in central Tucson.  I actually live right next to ASU.  (see comment below, she meant University of Arizona) I haven't gotten to learn much since we just went from training to the apartment and now to the library.   My companion is so far super awesome and loving even though I have only known her for 6 hours.   The scariest thing so far is that since she doesn't have a license I have to drive in a new car, in a new city, and have not driven for 6 weeks!   It’s very crazy and difficult!   I know so far that tonight I will have to teach 3 lessons in Spanish (I'm a bit nervous)  and then have dinner (here’s to hoping my stomach doesn't burst open)

On my first day here we had to run up this hill to the Mormon Battalion Memorial monument and we had been given a Book of Mormon - well instead of just focusing on the end of getting the the Monument I stopped and talked to some people and guess what!  I got one guy talking so much that the Assistants had to take him and taught him while I caught up to the group.   I was so happy to be bold and open my mouth.  I am so glad to finally be here and helping others!   I love it here in all its cactus glory (I really think there are more Cacti than people)

Much Love to everyone
Hermana Grove