Monday, April 8, 2013

First week in the desert!

Wow so this week has been busy.   We have one investigator who is going to be baptized on the 20th and he told us that he was praying to know the Book of Mormon was true and got "a good feeling!"  It was the greatest.  But other than him we just have to find a TON of people, so we have been tocar a la puerta (tracting)  and it’s hard work.   A lot of the streets are mostly dirt so we get super dirty.  One of the new elders had said if we weren’t told we were still in the U.S. you would think we were in Mexico.  However at least in Mexico everyone would speak Spanish.... That has been hard.  About half, if not more of the people we contact don’t even speak Spanish so we have to tell the English elders about them. It’s sad but when we do find someone who speaks spanish its fun.  Especially because they look at me so funny when I first start speaking Spanish.  The other day I was in a hot pink shirt and cuz of the sun I look extra blonde, so I knocked on a door and started speaking spanish and the man at the door had this look on his face I like to call "what Barbie can speak Spanish???"   It was so funny.  So ya my companion's name is Hermana Monjaras and she is from Anaheim California and lucky for me is fluent in Spanish since both her parents are from Mexico.

So this weekend being General Conference was so great.  I loved hearing the number of current missionaries there are and knowing I am a part of it.  I also think that the whole conference was secretly directed at only missionaries but I might be biased.  So the work is going, maybe slowly, but its going and a lot of people out here at least now know who we are and a few of the bugs know what I taste like, o and I know what they taste like (let’s not discuss that) 

I hope everyone is doing well and got to watch General Conference, we really are blessed to have a prophet on the earth today.

Much Love
Hermana Grove

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