Friday, March 29, 2013

Last MTC email

Well Ya’ll I made it!    Well through the MTC that is, on Monday I fly to Arizona and will be out speaking Spanish to native speakers, crazy right!
So this week honestly I can’t remember much.  Yesterday we found out that Elder Lenz, one of the Elders in my district, will be returning home due to medical reasons. It is all I can think about......  I have grown so close to everyone in my district and can't believe that he wont be joining us in the field.  We all broke down crying last night for him when he told us.  This one Elder has strengthened me personally so much.  He would laugh and have fun even through many doctor visits and my companion and I had the opportunity to teach him as an investigator a few times.  He was always there for an inspirational thought, to debate something, or just plane make you smile.  I am very sad that the people of Mexico will not get to meet him just yet.  But my absolute favorite part about this Elder is his testimony.  He would boldly declare to anyone of his knowledge of the Atonement.  He would really strengthen us all so much and brought the Spirit so strong.  His last words for the district instead of just saying how sad he was and proud he was of us he testified of his knowledge of the Atonement and how he knew that it was true and blessed him so much. It is really true that if the Atonement was not performed then there would be no point at all to this life and how it is only through Jesus Christ we can return to live with God again.
O so some of the week is coming back to me, on Sunday I was the lucky winner to have to give a talk in Spanish, which actually wasn't as bad as I was expecting.  Monday was Hermana Hale's Birthday and we had a fun mini party for her.  Then on Wednesday I got to be a host for some new missionaries and help them out, it was way fun to just help other people as much as possible, even if their suitcases were sometimes bigger than me.....   Then yesterday was In Field Orientation which for being 8 hours long wasn't actually all that bad.  
So on Monday I fly to Arizona.  I can't believe my time in the MTC is almost up,  I have learned so much being here.  I have strengthened my own testimony in so many aspects, especially of the Atonement and of Christ and what he has done for us.  I have struggled and learned to call upon my Heavenly Father very often and rely on him for everything I do.  I have learned more about how to be patient with myself along with others.  I am a disciple of Jesus Christ,  I proudly wear his name on my chest and am ready to share his gospel with the world.  I hope I can show that I represent Christ to the best of my ability in the field and that I will be able to strengthen others by the fire of my faith.
Keep reading and praying and for any of you thinking about a mission remember what it says in Doctrine and Covenants,  if ye have a desire you are called to the work!  So come join us and serve,  it will make you a better person and bring you personally closer to Christ as you bring others closer as well.
Much Love
Hermama Grove

Friday, March 22, 2013

What, Email now?!?!

So yes it is true even in the MTC it is true!!   We can now email anyone as long as its not someone of the opposite gender in our mission boundaries.     So everyone go ahead and email me at  however I really do prefer to have hand written letters they make me feel so much more like a missionary and I can take a bit longer to respond.  especially since I will only be in AZ
So events of this week,   On Sunday we sang in the choir and we sang a great brand new song that will be shown on TV between Saturday sessions of General Conference so everyone watch and look for me,  I was in a green shirt.   Then we have been teaching our "investigators" a ton!   Like 2 or 3 lessons a day!    And on Wednesday for the new missionaries all the sisters in our district got to be example missionaries for the new missionaries in "How to Begin Teaching"   basically we showed up at a referral's house and got to know the person and showed love for them to lead the missionaries into teaching.  There were about 60 missionaries in each room watching us.   We figure it means we really rock at teaching or needed a ton of help.   I'm hoping it was the 1st option but we did love the practice that we got.
Spanish is coming along
O I have sadly gained about 5 pounds but it has literally all gone to my butt,   I put jeans on today, and was like woah!   That's where the weight went.....
So yes things are awesome here  During our district meeting this week we had the spirit so strong with us.  We all shared how the atonement has affected us and can help others.   I really gained an even deeper love for my Savior and what he has done for me
Tata for now!
Hermana Grove

A note from Suzy's mom:
She didn't add the part in about having to go a chiropractor because she popped a rib out.  Yes, this has happened before.  She's a gymnast but I assume she wasn't doing gymnastics at the MTC.  It scared me when I got a phone call from the MTC health clinic saying my daughter had come in.  Thankfully she is doing fine now.

Friday, March 15, 2013

Woah Half way there, woaho Living on a Prayer!

Woot I made it half way through the MTC this week.  It’s crazy, it feels like just last week I was back home but it feels like I have learned enough for a lifetime!
So this week was the dreaded daylights savings time change where we lost an hour, and sleep is super valuable here.  So we all have felt like zombies for a few days and the morning after I had to teach at 7:30 in the morning in SPANISH    so I learned really how great the power of God is.  Both my companion and I were able to talk and give a great lesson but as soon as we got out we could not remember what we said at all.  I don't even think we thought in English the whole time - the Gift of Tongues is coming slowly but surly.
So we also learned a lot about how important our companionship is,  Hermana Hardy got called to be the Coordinating Sister for our District - kind of like a district leader but as a sister.   So she leaves me with the other sisters for most of Sunday and Wednesday and Thursday nights.   We are so happy when we get to be back together because it is so sad to be apart from each other.   We also have been seeing that the stronger we are as a companionship the easier it is to teach.    
On Sunday we watched an amazing video of a talk by Elder David Bednar and it discussed a great way to watch and listen to General Conference is to listen for the Doctrine being taught,  then the Invitation to act, and finally the promised blessing and since its an apostolic blessing God is bound to do it.  Now that gave me so much comfort especially since 2 weeks ago we got to hear from an apostle and receive one of those apostolic blessings.
So as for my own life here,  Im doing good, sadly gained a little weight but I’m calling it my Utah weight.   Then I have been learning the Spanish as fast as I can and trying to study a ton.  Food here is starting to rotate again so its the same stuff but Wednesdays and Sundays they have BYU ice cream and its amazing,   On Wednesday I got to have some Graham Canyon,  it was amazing!  Oh something else exciting was I finally found time to paint my nails.  It really is crazy how little time we get to do things here

Thank you to everyone who has written me so far.   I know this is the best thing for me and this is where I’m supposed to be.  I love the Lord and am thrilled to serve him!
Hermana Grove

Friday, March 8, 2013

Eat, Workout, Study, Eat, Study, Study, Study, Eat, Study Teach, Study, Sleep

So as you can tell by the title that is pretty much our days here in the MTC.
I am doing well,  the Spanish is coming along, its still difficult but I am accepting that I sound like a 3 year old.   I can now say a prayer, ask someone to be baptized, bear my testimony, ask for a referral, and barely teach the Restoration.   Our district is working really hard on trying to talk in Spanish as much as possible.
So this morning our Zone got up at 5 AM to do laundry,  and it was actually not that bad especially cuz we got a nice nap in too.
Our fun highlights of the week were that Hermana Hale and Huston learned that Pickles are made from cucumbers.  And the worst thing ever is that I got sick last night and threw up in the middle of teaching a lesson.  We realized I had drank a big gatorade that day,  which of course has plenty of Citric Acid, which I’m allergic to,  so yep no more at all for me :(  I really loved Gatorade......
This week we got to watch a recorded devotional by David Bednar and it is life changing.  It is all about turning out to others and being more like Christ.  The best things I took away from it were "Who cares what you want,  Get over yourself and do what the Lord wants".  And the other was to get a paper back cheap Book of Mormon and keep notes and highlights on a certain topic like Christ Like attributes or I am doing it on Missionaries and conversion.   Also with turning out my companion and I have been turning to the Lord more and more,  we realized that we were always praying for help and the Spirit before lessons but never actually thanked our Heavenly Father after.   Which reminds me with the thank yous,  Thank you so much to everyone who came to my farewells and an extra Thank You for those who gave me cards or gifts,   I really appreciated them,  The last 2 days home were so busy that I never got around to thank you cards, but know that I love you all so very much.
So for those sisters who want to know about the MTC,  just be prepared to be thrown around in a tornado and change everything you do almost daily.  I had to really learn to open up and tell others my feelings and bear testimony a lot.  Keep a notebook of things you discover you need,  don't stress about how you look and keep it modest,   I know silly but it really makes it easier when you aren't worried about if you are distracting your elders to much.  Start loving everyone you meet it really helps and learn how to listen to the Spirit.  Don't worry about the language - everyone else is just as lost as you are.   Remember that no matter what, you can call upon your Heavenly Father,  He loves us all and is extremely aware of us, especially his missionaries. 
Much Love and keep letters coming (even if I've never met you I will answer questions here, and a special little shout out to Jenny who recognized me in the cafeteria this week I can't wait to see you in Tucson!)
Hermana Grove

Friday, March 1, 2013

Week Two, and it goes on and on and on

Hola Family and Friends
So this week has gone a lot faster!
Its really true what they tell you when you first get here is just make it to Sunday then the days fly by!    But something they don't tell you is that the MTC is hard!!!    They like to teach us by experiences which means you make a lot of mistakes and then feel super dumb later.  I’m doing ok with the Spanish.  I know how to invite someone to be baptized, how to introduce myself, ask a few questions, and say the name of our church. I also learned that Espirito Santa is not the Spirit of Santa but the Holy Ghost. That turned out to be useful.  The food is pretty good though just as long as you stay away from the Orange Juice and the Rolls.   We got a new district.  For the first time there are MORE sister missionaries than elders!    Its super exciting.  They even have had to convert some men´s restrooms to be sister restrooms.  
The days seem to all blur together so I don't have much to say,  I haven´t really gained any weight yeah!   Umm  I don´t know what else there is, we sit in a class room for about 10 hours of the day, an hour of exercise, 3 hours of eating, and then an hour of going off to use the computer for language study.  We also have fun sometimes, does anyone know how to play “Black Magic”?  Our Elders keep playing it and none of us Hermanas know how it works.....
We have been working super hard and taught our first “investigator” 5 times!   We even committed him to baptism and learned more about how important love and boldly declaring our word is.  I know that because of the gospel we can return to live with God again and it is the ONLY way!   Please write me if you have any questions, or use dearelder  its free!
Much Love
Hermana Grove

Sorry for any crazy spelling.  I realized I was using a Spanish keyboard......