Friday, March 15, 2013

Woah Half way there, woaho Living on a Prayer!

Woot I made it half way through the MTC this week.  It’s crazy, it feels like just last week I was back home but it feels like I have learned enough for a lifetime!
So this week was the dreaded daylights savings time change where we lost an hour, and sleep is super valuable here.  So we all have felt like zombies for a few days and the morning after I had to teach at 7:30 in the morning in SPANISH    so I learned really how great the power of God is.  Both my companion and I were able to talk and give a great lesson but as soon as we got out we could not remember what we said at all.  I don't even think we thought in English the whole time - the Gift of Tongues is coming slowly but surly.
So we also learned a lot about how important our companionship is,  Hermana Hardy got called to be the Coordinating Sister for our District - kind of like a district leader but as a sister.   So she leaves me with the other sisters for most of Sunday and Wednesday and Thursday nights.   We are so happy when we get to be back together because it is so sad to be apart from each other.   We also have been seeing that the stronger we are as a companionship the easier it is to teach.    
On Sunday we watched an amazing video of a talk by Elder David Bednar and it discussed a great way to watch and listen to General Conference is to listen for the Doctrine being taught,  then the Invitation to act, and finally the promised blessing and since its an apostolic blessing God is bound to do it.  Now that gave me so much comfort especially since 2 weeks ago we got to hear from an apostle and receive one of those apostolic blessings.
So as for my own life here,  Im doing good, sadly gained a little weight but I’m calling it my Utah weight.   Then I have been learning the Spanish as fast as I can and trying to study a ton.  Food here is starting to rotate again so its the same stuff but Wednesdays and Sundays they have BYU ice cream and its amazing,   On Wednesday I got to have some Graham Canyon,  it was amazing!  Oh something else exciting was I finally found time to paint my nails.  It really is crazy how little time we get to do things here

Thank you to everyone who has written me so far.   I know this is the best thing for me and this is where I’m supposed to be.  I love the Lord and am thrilled to serve him!
Hermana Grove

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