Friday, March 1, 2013

Week Two, and it goes on and on and on

Hola Family and Friends
So this week has gone a lot faster!
Its really true what they tell you when you first get here is just make it to Sunday then the days fly by!    But something they don't tell you is that the MTC is hard!!!    They like to teach us by experiences which means you make a lot of mistakes and then feel super dumb later.  I’m doing ok with the Spanish.  I know how to invite someone to be baptized, how to introduce myself, ask a few questions, and say the name of our church. I also learned that Espirito Santa is not the Spirit of Santa but the Holy Ghost. That turned out to be useful.  The food is pretty good though just as long as you stay away from the Orange Juice and the Rolls.   We got a new district.  For the first time there are MORE sister missionaries than elders!    Its super exciting.  They even have had to convert some men´s restrooms to be sister restrooms.  
The days seem to all blur together so I don't have much to say,  I haven´t really gained any weight yeah!   Umm  I don´t know what else there is, we sit in a class room for about 10 hours of the day, an hour of exercise, 3 hours of eating, and then an hour of going off to use the computer for language study.  We also have fun sometimes, does anyone know how to play “Black Magic”?  Our Elders keep playing it and none of us Hermanas know how it works.....
We have been working super hard and taught our first “investigator” 5 times!   We even committed him to baptism and learned more about how important love and boldly declaring our word is.  I know that because of the gospel we can return to live with God again and it is the ONLY way!   Please write me if you have any questions, or use dearelder  its free!
Much Love
Hermana Grove

Sorry for any crazy spelling.  I realized I was using a Spanish keyboard......

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