Saturday, February 23, 2013

Welcome to the CCM

Hola amigos y famila
I'm gonna start by saying that if you would like to send me letters here in the MTC please use I totally forgot to tell everyone that before the letters get here everyday and is such a highlight to my day to get letters even if it is about how your dog learned how to catch his own tail.   life here can get monotonous at times and letters really help
So the MTC is AWESOME!    it is so much work but at the same time fun.   My companion is Hermana Hardy she is from Salt Lake city and I love her so much even though she went to the University of Utah.   I am the oldest in my district by about a month with another sister.  My district is awesome we have Elder Moore who is our district leader from Provo,  Elder Gibby from Arkansas and he is super funny,  Elder Christenson from Orem who seems to know everyon here, Elder Lenz from Idaho who know so much Spanish and picks it up so fast.  The four of them are going to Wahaka Mexico.   Then there is Elder Graham from New York who is a giant goof ball but we love him and Elder Taylor from Utah who before coming here didn't know any Spanish which is amazing!    Then there is Hermana Hale from South Carolina and she is a sweatheart then Hermana Houston from Arkansas and she is super fun. Us sisters spend all our time together and are all really trying not to gain weight haha.   The rest of us are all going to Tucson Arizonia- the best mission ever!
So things that happen here are basically class, study scriptures, study Preach my Gospel,  study Spanish, talk, and eat.   it feels like all we do is eat and sit in class.   We had our first lesson yesterday in Spanish!   where I learned the importance of soy versus se   when I acidentally bore my testimony that "I am Jesus Christ" insted of I know Jesus Christ is our savior.    We also learned that our door to our room locks automatically and to therefore take our key with us to shower or else we get locked out in only our robes..... ya awkward.     So I have also learned how important it is to be united as a district and companionship.  We are really trying to focus on listening to the sprit and having the spirit with us.   It is the most important thing here,  it doesn't matter if we know Spanish what matters is that we have the Spirit and with that we can do anything.
The food here is interesting the portions seem huge to me and they love to put desserts every where.   But I have been being good- we make sure to have fruit and veggies just about every meal and to drink plenty of water.   So I have been a little sick since getting here and managed to go through our entire tissue box in our classroom almost by myself its kinda embarassing.   But for the most part I am doing better.
I can not stress enough how wnderful it is here and how happy I am to be on a mission I really love it,   I love that I have the power and authority to tell others of christ and what he has done for me and what he can do for others.   I love my Savior and really love having the Spirit be so strong here
Hermana Grove
PS sorry for spelling there is no spell check on this computer

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