Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Farewell Sister Hansen

So this week was the saddest week yet I think because my best friend left.
Sister Hansen, my companion, was medically released today. It is just so sad because I love her so much and didn’t want to see her go, even though I know it’s what is best for her.  So yesterday we got to go to Tucson and today I got to go with Sister Killpack, the Mission President’s wife, to the airport and drop her off.  We had such a great transfer together and probably one of my most successful.  

Also this week we got to carve pumpkins, but they got stolen from our front porch....   not even smashed - just stolen....  I think the elders did it.

Then one of our investigators texted us telling us how she prayed and found out that the book of mormon is true she described it as someone stabbing her in the back with sunshine, ripping her heart out with a rainbow and kissing it.   Well I guess everyone feels the spirit differently and that was what she felt it as being.

I will have at least 6 more weeks in Silver City and really hope more.

Hermana Grove

Forever sisters!

i put up a lost pumpkin sign......

One of our favorite people to visit!

Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Will the real disciples of Christ please stand up

I’m stealing the title from someone else, lol.

So this week wasn’t to exciting.  We had our YSA branch conference and it was awesome!  One of the members sang an amazing version of I'm trying to be like Jesus. I just closed my eyes and thought about my mission. I also have now been out for 8 months so it was a sad/thought filled time.  I just felt like the sister from The Errand of Angels when she sees the flashbacks of her whole mission.  I have grown to love these people so much and can’t believe it’s almost half way through.

Hermana Grove

Monday, October 14, 2013

More cows...

So this week was my birthday!   I’m old...  21.   Haha not really old, but old for mission age now.   So for my birthday we got to go to one of my favorite families for dinner.  Then we got to go on exchanges so I ventured to the Gila Valley and hang out with Sister Waldo (my previous companion) again.  Then on Saturday we got to go cow wrestling.  I got kicked  haha....   And on Sunday I got to see our branch mission leader set apart for his mission.  It was so sad cuz I have really grown to care about him.  But we are just so happy that he is finally getting out!   I definitely cried and it was a perfect thing for a missionary to be able to remember the very start of mine and how special it is to be out here as a servant of the Lord

O ya I also had to give a half hour talk in spanish and my companion had to talk (only for 5 minutes though)  but still it was awesome!

Well I hope every one is doing well
Love Hermana Grove

Before cows

After cow wrangling

Elders holding cow down

Tuesday, October 8, 2013

General Conference!

This weekend was awesome with General Conference!   So we got to watch every session and with that got fed a ton!    We got to be fed breakfast, lunch and dinner on both Saturday and Sunday.  It was amazing!  But we feel so full still!   Other than that nothing else was to exciting....      Sister Jack did make cake for the October birthdays and she made an amazing frozen oreo pistachio thing.  It has been very cold here!

Hope everyone is doing well and got to enjoy General Conference.

Love Hermana Grove

Me and my companion

With my old district from the MTC

With my district at Dairy Queen

Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Craziest Week Yet!

I had a crazy week!  It feels more like it was a month but nope it really was a week.

 Tuesday we drove the 3 hours to Tucson for Spanish training and then back, so we left at 9 am and got back around 10 pm....   

Then the next day we had to get our car fixed so we were on bikes for a little bit.  I was so clumsy and fell twice, my shoe flew off and it was all crazy.  Also it did help that they were the elders bikes so they were to tall for me....  Then when we got to the district meeting the elders put them on their bike rack on the car and locked them but of course didn't have the key, so we split the elders into tripanionships and were able to roll with them for a bit.  Probably the craziest day of my mission so far.  I have so much more respect for missionaries on bikes now.  

 Then Thursday we got to go to the county fair and sit at a booth for the church.  

And Saturday we got to help with a service project and I got to help sew a quilt. I love this place so much!      

Oh and to top it off we hit standards of excellence (for missionaries) this week!   So we are pretty much killing it out here. (doing a lot of good work) I love my companion we both work together so well and that really is the secret is just to work.  It just is so much more fun when we loose ourselves in the work of the Lord.

Much love till next week (and my birthday)
Hermana Grove