Wednesday, May 28, 2014


Haha JK, we didn't get transferred  but our elders did, so that was a sad day :(

Transfers are now becoming a super bitter sweet thing.  More bitter than sweet I think, just because you have to say goodbye to so many people and friends that you have made on the mission.  But its ok because it also means you get to make some new friends and you are just that much closer to that plane that keep flying over head....

We did have an awesome thing happen though this week.   One of our investigators picked his own baptismal date.   He had told us that he wanted to get baptized next month and so we left him to pray about it and so he picked the one he wanted.  We were so excited and we really think he will make it!

An awesome quote I heard this week was that "death is not a period but only a comma."  from Elder Niel A Maxwell.  I really thought of it more in a mission sense of how a mission "death" or going home is just like that only a comma.    Especially seeing so many friends end their missions today and many ending soon I just love to think that going home isn't really the end we will be missionaries for life just without the badge and how we will always be friends, even if its just on facebook.

Hermana Grove

some cool kids kicking it on the stage 
our ward missionaries with a photo bomb from our district leader

our favorite Peruvian elder!

Monday, May 19, 2014

Goodbye and Hello!

So this week was so weird.  On Wednesday my last companion returned to Salt Lake which meant that I got a new companion.  So we ran around saying goodbye to people Tuesday and then Wednesday cleaned out my new companion's old apartment because they are closing that area which is always sad.  So we got to have a fun week of still figuring things out - if I thought taking over an area was hard after 6 weeks I never could have imagined after 4.....   We love the GPS.  But we still are getting a ton done. It’s better having more experience with this sort of thing that I can figure out an area much faster. So Saturday was super awesome we got to help out with a Boy Scout rummage sale/car wash and then that afternoon there was a Cinco de Mayo barbeque which was extra fun because I got to see a ton of people from my first area and even some from my last.

What I learned this week:  Just keep swimming!   We can't stop or give up or any of that.  We have to just keep going no matter what happens.

Hermana Grove

Me and my last companion being goof balls!

My zone

Monday, May 12, 2014


Yeah!   We had a baptism on Saturday and it was just AMAZING!!!!!!!!!!!!    I loved it so much.  It was extra special because it was in Portuguese for a lot of it.   We as missionaries even did a special musical number in Portuguese, which just made the Spirit so strong there.  It was awesome!   And then today we got to watch and wave goodbye as she left to go back to Brazil :(    But it’s OK because the church is strong there and we know she will be taken care of.

So during the week I managed to get the stomach flu.  It was so funny.  I knew I had it so I just didn’t really eat anything and after zone meeting I just slept until dinner.   But after dinner we were driving home and talking with the elders in our ward on the phone (bluetooth)  and I had to pull over so fast to throw up.  I felt bad that the Elders had to hear that......   awkward moment!  I guess that’s just how a mission goes.

So something I learned this week is that the spirit speaks every language.  It doesn't matter what language you speak the Spirit testifies of truth in all languages!

Hermana Grove

Monday, May 5, 2014


So this week was super cool and we should be having a baptism on Saturday.   It was the most dramatic week with all that.  So our investigator is from Brazil (hence the Portuguese) and she didn't think Joseph Smith was a prophet so she couldn’t get her interview but she goes back to Brazil on the 12th so she wanted to get baptized before then. So yesterday after church she told us in a lesson how she was feeling and then it hit her that she knew the Book of Mormon was true and so that solved that. So during the lesson I texted our mission president to get her interview all set up and she will have it today at 2 and then be baptized Saturday and confirmed Sunday and fly to Brazil Monday.  Then to add to all that my companion goes back to temple square that Wednesday.   Ya my head is ready to explode...  We also found these 2 awesome new investigators thru a referral!  And they are like pure gold just soaking up everything.  I remember how I used to take notes with my lessons and all that, ya they do that too. They actually read and pray and do everything - its so amazing!

So this week we had an amazing Zone Training and I did a lot of thinking about how in this life we have to act!  So like how faith without works is dead we have to act and do something!  Something I loved got said. "In order to grow you must get out of your comfort zone". It’s super true.  If we are to do anything we have to be out of our comfort zone.  It just hit the nail on the head exactly.  That’s why we have trials (maybe in the form of areas that have no work in them or companions that are difficult). But we have them to kick us out of our comfort zone and get our butts in gear.

Hermana Grove