Wednesday, May 28, 2014


Haha JK, we didn't get transferred  but our elders did, so that was a sad day :(

Transfers are now becoming a super bitter sweet thing.  More bitter than sweet I think, just because you have to say goodbye to so many people and friends that you have made on the mission.  But its ok because it also means you get to make some new friends and you are just that much closer to that plane that keep flying over head....

We did have an awesome thing happen though this week.   One of our investigators picked his own baptismal date.   He had told us that he wanted to get baptized next month and so we left him to pray about it and so he picked the one he wanted.  We were so excited and we really think he will make it!

An awesome quote I heard this week was that "death is not a period but only a comma."  from Elder Niel A Maxwell.  I really thought of it more in a mission sense of how a mission "death" or going home is just like that only a comma.    Especially seeing so many friends end their missions today and many ending soon I just love to think that going home isn't really the end we will be missionaries for life just without the badge and how we will always be friends, even if its just on facebook.

Hermana Grove

some cool kids kicking it on the stage 
our ward missionaries with a photo bomb from our district leader

our favorite Peruvian elder!

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