Tuesday, June 3, 2014

110 Jail Time!

So this week has been fun, in a funny twisted Tucson sort of way.  So it hit 110 this week, ya I’m not going to miss the summers here they kinda suck a lot!      And then our investigator, the one that picked his own date last week went to jail....  So I got to have a ton of fun calling the jail and calling around to anyone that might know about the jail. It’s just been so exciting..... and I never ever ever want to do it again!  But we also got to go to girls camp for a day and teach them about the Plan of Salvation it was super duper fun!  So yep that’s the week.

For my learning this week I have the goal from our mission president to read all of Preach my Gospel by the end of the month.  And so yesterday was Christlike attributes and I noticed it all starts with faith and prayer!  It’s really like what President Uchdorf said in one talk, that we just need to start where we are.

Hermana Grove

Gotta Love Tucson - preaching the gospel in the Ghetto!

Girls Camp!!!!!!!

This week's dog washing adventures!

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