Monday, June 23, 2014

So This is Tucson

So this week was HOT!   Which yep, is Tucson.   But we had a ton of fun getting to see people.   We even got to climb on top of our Bishop's roof to see the sunset.    We had a lot of success getting to see people and help them feel loved.

It was super sad though to have our zone conference with President Killpack since it was his goodbye time.  Here are all the things he learned in his mission that he wanted us all to know:

- Your Purpose is to bring souls unto Christ.
- Investigators, LA, RC, active members, companions, fellow missionaries = ALL
- You should always carry a Book of Mormon - It is your sickle.
- Read the Book of Mormon with those you teach

- Teach people that the way to know the truth of all things (Church, Joseph Smith, modern prophets, etc…) is to read the Book of Mormon and ask God if it is true.
- Your investigators will progress faster if they know your purpose AND their expectations
- You cannot socialize someone into the Church and have them stay.
- Build relationships with members by serving them and working with ward leadership.
- Help ward leaders with retention and activation.
- Member trust is achieved by members seeing you being a missionary, not by being their friend.
- Daily nourish your investigators and your WML.
- Have a member at every lesson possible.
- Pray often every day for yourself and for others.
- Rely on the Spirit to show you where to go, what to do, and what to say.
- If you talk with a few people – you will baptize a few people.
- If you talk with a lot of people – you will baptize a lot of people
- If you talk with everyone possible – you will baptize everyone possible
- Teach when you find. Find when you teach.
- Plan every day. Failing to plan is planning to fail.
- Focus on Key indicators. They can raise your vision.
- Help everyone you teach to make commitments that will bring about faith & repentance.
- Be obedient
- Get out of bed at 6:30. 
- The morning schedule will make or break your mission.
- Music should invite the Spirit, not memories or thoughts of home.
- If you can’t sacrifice the little things, you’ll never be asked to sacrifice the big things.
- White handbook is a book blessings, not a load of restrictions
- You have rights and privileges
- It is privilege to:
Have and use a cell phone
Drive an automobile
Play sports on P-day
Have computer usage – including email
- You will answer to the Lord one day about how you used His financial resources
- It is a right to:
expect your companion to be obedient
expect your companion to keep the apartment clean
Have members expect you are a missionary who knows and understands their purpose
-  Your manners and behavior around others are an indication of the missionary and person you are.
-  The things you say about other people and missionaries are a reflection of your upbringing, your maturity and your testimony of the Savior.
-  Lock your heart. It may save your soul.
-  Your success as a missionary is measured by your commitment to be a missionary
-  Your commitment to be a missionary is measured by your work ethic and your obedience and not by the relative success of your area.
-  The attitude of work hard / play hard is false doctrine for a missionary. It should be work hard, play within the guidelines. 
-  A mission should not just change your behavior, it should change your nature.
-  You shouldn’t just go through your mission, your mission should go through you.
-  You WILL become what you want to be, by consistently being what you want to become.

We will all miss President Killpack so much  but I know President Passy will do great things with our mission!

Hermana Grove

We climbed on top of our Bishop's roof with his daughter to see the awesome sunset

All us sisters with our little remembrance squares for the Killpacks

Our Zone at zone conference this past week

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