Monday, June 9, 2014

I Love my Mission!

So this week was just soooooo amazing!    

On Tuesday we did this fun finding idea of leaving "love notes" on people’s cars in random parking lots.  So what we would do is write a cute quote like don't worry be happy and then our number and on the back.  It was so fun and so cute.  Unfortunately no one called us back.....   but that's ok cuz we had fun doing it.

Then later in the week we went around trying to meet more of our members and ran into this super duper less active family that at first told us to leave, but then because I was from L.A. we got to talking about California and how they had moved from there and they ended up letting us in to teach a lesson and want to take us out to lunch next week.  Miracle!

Next up was on Saturday I got to go on an exchange with one of my favorite sisters and we had a ton of fun!   We got to help with shoveling dirt for a member and it was so fun.  Then we just worked and worked and worked and didn't stop.  It was so great!

So Sunday in the 2nd hour of church one of the Elders' recent converts informed my companion that he has a crush on me....awkward!   I don't exactly know how to handle that.

Then also on Sunday I got to have a great talk with another recent convert.  Just convert to convert and it not only helped him out but me a ton.  He was feeling that he wasn't good enough because he hadn't been raised Mormon, much like I had felt before and it hit me in the middle of testifying to him that I am good enough and that it doesn't matter when someone found the church, it matters that they are there at that time and that they are utilizing Christ's atonement and how that is there for everyone!

So yep I’m loving my life here, even if it’s 111 degrees.
Hermana Grove

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