Friday, January 4, 2013

Question and Answer

so this is a place to answer all of the questions I have been getting about my mission and mission related things.

1. What will you be doing?
I will first go to the MTC where I will be trained on what/how to teach more effetivley as well as learn Spanish, I will be there for about a month. Then I will go to Arizonia where I will be assigned to be with another sister missionary and we will go teach people about Jesus Christ and the church with the intention of bringing people to Christ through faith, repentance, baptism, reciving the holy ghost, and enduring to the end.

2. Whats the MTC?
The MTC stands for Missionary Training Center. its in Utah actually walking distance from my apartment I was living in this past semester. I will be there to learn teaching and Spanish along with a bunch of other missionaries.

3. What about school? You're just dropping out?
No, BYU has it set up so that I turned in a paper telling them that I am going on a mission with when and where.  They defer my enrollment and with that scholarships to Fall of 2014 when I return.  From there I will continue on with my senior year of college.

4. Are you gonna be riding a bike?
Yes, I just received a letter from my mission saying that there are places where I will be on a bike.  Which means finding fluffy skirts and spandex shorts for modesty.

5. How long will you be there for?
I will be gone for 18 months, so there till August of 2014.

6. Do you get breaks?
Nope,  I will be a full time missionary for 18 months.  We will have one day a week where we get to prepare for the week which includes laundry, shopping, and writing home.

7. Can I come visit you?
Not really,  if anyone came and visited the most they would get is lunch with me and then would have to listen to a lesson.

8. How much do you get paid for it?
Nothing,  its volunteer not a job

9. How will you communicate with us back home?
My mom and dad will get to email me once a week (thats how this blog will get updated)  and for everyone else I will write letters the old fashion way.  No texting,  I will get to call home to my parents on Mothers Days and Christmas.

10. What about your boyfriend?
Well that is all up to him the plan now is that I become a missionary on February 19th so when that day comes we will go back to being friends.  We will still write no matter what while I'm gone but I just want him to be happy, if that means waiting for me to get back thats great but if that means him dating and getting married as long as he is happy and she isn't a psycho thats great too.   No matter what we have agreed to stay friends since he is one of my best friends.

11. Has your boyfriend already gone on a mission, or will he possibly go while you're gone or once you get back?
Yes he has already gone on a mission to Rio Brasil

12. What is the LDS view of Christians - are they to be converted, and why (since they already believe in Jesus)

We are there to share the restoration and full Gospel.  We are there to teach people and the Holy Ghost does the converting.  We still respect other religions and love them so much that we want them to have the maximum amount of blessing possible like having their family together for eternity.   So in short yes, because that is the only way to have the full blessings of the Temple (eternal families) while in this life.

So thats all i've got now, but if anyone has other question leave a comment and I will add it on to the list