Monday, June 30, 2014

Another Soul Saved

So this week we had the amazing opportunity to have a baptism.  It was super special to me because the girl was 17 and none of her family are members - just like me!  It was just such a nice baptism because she had a ton of support and was just so excited to get baptized.   

The lesson I learned with the baptism was that nothing can go perfect - the day of the baptism everything was going nice and smooth, but then we had 2 issues   #1 was that the font was not plugged up so I had to get a little wet to plug it up and then #2 was that the font almost overflowed - we got a little excited to take pictures and forgot to turn off the font. O well, it just shows that we are human doing the work of the Lord

Also during the week we did bike.  We were so excited and happy before but then after we were dead and so tired (I think part of the issue was that we had to go super fast for one part because there was no bike lane and people were getting mad at us - which stressed me out A LOT!)   But we survived and now have a plan of how to take more back roads to avoid angry cars.

We also got the kinda sad news that one of the girls in our ward who has her mission call has decided to get married instead.  It really broke our hearts.   Mostly because I know how much my mission has meant to me and I would never trade it for anything.  I am so incredibly grateful for all the things I have learned and all the ways I have grown.  I just couldn’t imagine choosing a boy over this.  It may be right for her but for me a mission is way better!

Other excitement came Saturday night around 10:00 when we had an earthquake!  I know an earthquake in Arizona!   Weird.  It was about a 5.0 in Duncan which is the AZ NM  border and so when we heard where it was from we got a bit scared since we both served out there but everyone was ok out there.   Also we were just fine out here - just a little shaken up in more than one way.

Hermana Grove


Before biking

After Biking...

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