Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Let it rain!!!!!

We got monsoons this week!!!!   I was on an exchange for the first one on Thursday so here’s the pic of us totally soaked!  For anyone who doesn’t live in Tucson a monsoon is what happens over summer when it is so super hot. All of a sudden these really dark clouds come and it gets super windy and then it just pours!   It’s so amazing cuz for a little bit it’s rather cool and nice out. I love it!     And of course we go play in it.  So there was lots of puddle splashing and dancing and just plain walking around in it.

Transfer news is that I have a little baby!  She only has been out like 7 weeks and so I get to finish up her training as I die.  I’m so excited!   It was weird to watch my comp go home but I know that she was ready for that.

Hermana Grove

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