Monday, May 19, 2014

Goodbye and Hello!

So this week was so weird.  On Wednesday my last companion returned to Salt Lake which meant that I got a new companion.  So we ran around saying goodbye to people Tuesday and then Wednesday cleaned out my new companion's old apartment because they are closing that area which is always sad.  So we got to have a fun week of still figuring things out - if I thought taking over an area was hard after 6 weeks I never could have imagined after 4.....   We love the GPS.  But we still are getting a ton done. It’s better having more experience with this sort of thing that I can figure out an area much faster. So Saturday was super awesome we got to help out with a Boy Scout rummage sale/car wash and then that afternoon there was a Cinco de Mayo barbeque which was extra fun because I got to see a ton of people from my first area and even some from my last.

What I learned this week:  Just keep swimming!   We can't stop or give up or any of that.  We have to just keep going no matter what happens.

Hermana Grove

Me and my last companion being goof balls!

My zone

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