Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Craziest Week Yet!

I had a crazy week!  It feels more like it was a month but nope it really was a week.

 Tuesday we drove the 3 hours to Tucson for Spanish training and then back, so we left at 9 am and got back around 10 pm....   

Then the next day we had to get our car fixed so we were on bikes for a little bit.  I was so clumsy and fell twice, my shoe flew off and it was all crazy.  Also it did help that they were the elders bikes so they were to tall for me....  Then when we got to the district meeting the elders put them on their bike rack on the car and locked them but of course didn't have the key, so we split the elders into tripanionships and were able to roll with them for a bit.  Probably the craziest day of my mission so far.  I have so much more respect for missionaries on bikes now.  

 Then Thursday we got to go to the county fair and sit at a booth for the church.  

And Saturday we got to help with a service project and I got to help sew a quilt. I love this place so much!      

Oh and to top it off we hit standards of excellence (for missionaries) this week!   So we are pretty much killing it out here. (doing a lot of good work) I love my companion we both work together so well and that really is the secret is just to work.  It just is so much more fun when we loose ourselves in the work of the Lord.

Much love till next week (and my birthday)
Hermana Grove

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