Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Farewell Sister Hansen

So this week was the saddest week yet I think because my best friend left.
Sister Hansen, my companion, was medically released today. It is just so sad because I love her so much and didn’t want to see her go, even though I know it’s what is best for her.  So yesterday we got to go to Tucson and today I got to go with Sister Killpack, the Mission President’s wife, to the airport and drop her off.  We had such a great transfer together and probably one of my most successful.  

Also this week we got to carve pumpkins, but they got stolen from our front porch....   not even smashed - just stolen....  I think the elders did it.

Then one of our investigators texted us telling us how she prayed and found out that the book of mormon is true she described it as someone stabbing her in the back with sunshine, ripping her heart out with a rainbow and kissing it.   Well I guess everyone feels the spirit differently and that was what she felt it as being.

I will have at least 6 more weeks in Silver City and really hope more.

Hermana Grove

Forever sisters!

i put up a lost pumpkin sign......

One of our favorite people to visit!

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