Monday, November 4, 2013

November! What?

Wow ya it is November.  That’s just crazy.  This time last year I was just finishing with submitting my papers to be here.  It’s so weird how fast time goes by.    

So this week has been interesting.  I’ve still been struggling with Sister Hansen going home but it’s getting a bit easier.  I now understand why if your companion dies you go home,  just a mission "death" is hard enough to handle.    

We also did have every appointment and I mean every - even dinners- cancel on us this week.  But we still pushed through.    

I got bit by a dog.....   but it was ok because I had on my nice new boots and they protected me from the evil thing.   Oh my boots, they are super cute!  When I went to Tucson we got to go shopping and I found the cutest Steve Madden's for like $25 at Ross.   Shoe shopping is my therapy.

Also I didn’t have to translate for stake conference cuz there was no one there who needed it!  Yeah!

Hermana Grove

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