Monday, November 25, 2013

Half Way!

That’s right, this week I reached my 9 month mark which is my exact half way point.  It’s crazy to think that.  It feels like missionary life is just normal now, nothing different at all.  Even when I get dressed and look at myself in the mirror it doesn't look right without a black name tag.

So I wanna take some time to talk about things I heard about my mission:
- oh that’s nice
- to bad you didn’t go somewhere cool
- wow it’s gonna be hot there
- well you will never be cold
- it’s all desert there
- there’s more cacti than people
- you are gonna sweat a ton
- it will be so hot your shoes will melt to the sidewalk
- you will come back tan

Well I think I must be in the wrong mission cuz it snowed 4 inches over the weekend!   Really, we didn't know what to do.  We ran to Walmart (cuz that’s the only shopping here)  and bought boots and gloves and socks!   We just kept saying Tucson Arizona Mission....  are you sure?  Cuz it’s snowing....

But anyway, this week started fun.  We came home from on Monday to find our apartment door slightly open so I grabbed my pepper spray, kicked the door open and screamed "Hello" and then there was someone in there!  So I screamed  "I have pepper spray"  and he came out with his hands up.  It was the plumber fixing our shower......     So that was fun and my companion loves to make fun of me for it.   

We also got to help build a house.  Then we had a half mission conference with a member of the 70.  It was fun cuz he talked about a true successful missionary.  I also got real sick, well I’ve been sick for the past month.....  but this week was bad.  I just slept for 5 hours one day.   So I got a blessing from the Senior Elder missionary.  It was awesome.  He not only expelled my sickness from me but also rebuked it.  I’ve been feeling better ever since.     

I also winged a talk (and piano playing)  for our Spanish group.  Oh I also forgot to say last week I got to translate the primary program.  That was exciting.  I think I said broom instead of choice once... 

Very eventful week!
Happy Thanksgiving everyone!

Yeah snow!

This was on a member's porch.   Isn't he cute?

Me and my companion in the snow!

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  1. Such a cute post, Suzie. You look amazing and I can feel the spirit in your attitude! I want to take more time and read past blogs - catch up on how your mission has been going. Take care and remember we love you!
    Sister Byers and Taylor