Tuesday, December 3, 2013


I am thankful to have a cell phone as a missionary......

So this week was fun.  We went Tuesday knocking on doors in about 40 degree weather (not to bad but COLD).

On Wednesday we got to help with the food bank.  I also got to watch another Elder get set apart.  That makes 3 that I have seen set apart but I have also now seen 3 missionaries go home.....      

Then Thursday was THANKSGIVING!   It was awesome.  We started with breakfast at a recent convert's house and we made them eggs and bacon and toast.  Then lunch with the members that live on a ranch so we got to eat well and have so much fun.   Then dinner with some other members and we even got a lesson with an investigator in there somehow.   

Then Friday was a bad day....    

On Saturday we did this thing called a treasure exchange where we set out a TON of stuff on the front lawn of the church like a yard sale but gave it away along with a bunch of Book of Mormons.   Then at night we got to be in a parade and so that was fun.  I just got to walk and wave and look pretty. 

Then Sunday was just boss and we did some massive work.  But today was so cool!  We went on a hike down in Clifton Arizona up a slot canyon so we had to go up some serious rocks and needed a lot of help, but we made it.  However getting down was harder and took our zone forever.  Well there was one point that my companion tossed her bag to an elder to hold while she got down a small drop.  When she got down he tossed it over a pool of water to her.....  well the phone was in the front pocket.   So the bag made it but we watched as the phone flew out, hit the rock, broke and then fell in the 3 ft pool of water.......    it stayed there till someone already wet fished it out.  So we are without a phone for the week.....     Oops.

Hermana Grove

Yeah hiking!
We made it!
Here's the view from the top of the slot canyon
Thanksgiving out at the McDonald's ranch  

They even made me chocolate pie :)

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