Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Cactus is Bad!

So this area is crazy!   There are so many white people which makes our work crazy hard!   We have been just finding all the time!   But ya we taught only 4 lessons.  O so one of our finding techniques was bus stop contacting with street contacting for when there is no one at the bus stop.  So we talked to one lady who thought she dated Jesus Christ and that he died last year but was resurrected and she is dating him again.  She is even going to the government about it.  Then we were walking and saw a couple girls we saw earlier but didn’t catch so we started running, and I mean running to try to catch up to them....  they J-walked to cross the street......    I was so mad.    

Now for why cactus is bad......  So this morning we went hiking up a cactus covered mountain and on the way down I sat on a jumping cholla.....   It’s a really mean cactus so I got cactus thorns in my butt.....   And here’s the worst part.  It stays stuck for a while and so you grab it with some rocks to pull it off you, but I couldn’t reach it and my companion was way far down so I had to have an elder pull it off for me......  It was so bad.  And it hurts a lot.....

But in other news I hit my 3 year mark of being baptized this week!   I can’t believe that now!   I’m so grateful for all the elders who taught me (thanks Elder Ryan, Longhurst, Colbert, Walker, Thurston).  You guys rock and I only hope I can be part way as good as you all were for me.  That’s why I’m here is to try to help others find the truth just like those Elders helped me out.

Hermana Grove

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