Monday, December 23, 2013

Merry Christmas!

So this week was so sweet!   I went the whole week with only 1 hour of a total nap.  It was the best.  I haven’t done that for like 3 months.

We had some crazy stuff too.  We play sports every morning with our elders at 6:00am and this week while playing glow in the dark dodgeball my companion got ran into hard - she may have a slight concussion...    and I got nailed in the face with the ball.

Then on Friday we got to help a family make tamales.  We made 22 dozen and they are so yummy!   We also have been going caroling almost every night since all of us can sing.  The elders all play the guitar too so we have a special finale.  We do of Feliz Navidad where they play the guitar and we have tambourines. It’s just so fun!   I love it here!    So on Saturday, or was it Friday, idk,  we got dropped by 2 investigators,  one by note - she went to Mexico till May!   I hate Mexico.....    and the other just gave us the “well why don't you call me.....”    But we have just been doing awesome and having fun - our numbers aren’t so hot but hey we are working and the Lord knows it and that is all that matters.

But this week is Christmas which is so awesome.  It’s so special to be a missionary at Christmas because it’s one time of the year that everyone else is celebrating Christ like we do all the time.  It’s awesome to be a servant of Christ at this time and celebrate his birth.

Hermana Grove

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