Thursday, December 12, 2013

And It’s Back to Tucson!

Yep I’m back.  Transfers were today so I got to enjoy (I’m using that loosely)  the 4 hour transfer van ride back to Tucson.....  It wasn’t to bad cuz there were some cool people on there.  I was so bummed out to have to leave New Mexico because it is just so amazing but I know it’s time for me to go so I can help others.  So my new area is just across the street from my first area and is Spanish!   Yeah for that!  Also by being transferred I got to say good bye to my trainer as well as one of my favorite elders out here that I got to serve near out in New Mexico. It’s crazy to think that I’m over halfway thru.  Some Elders were joking that I’m just as good as dead (going home).

Also last Tuesday I got to go down to Columbus which is a border town  where you get there and you just aren't exactly sure if you are in New Mexico or Mexico because everyone speaks Spanish and is from Mexico and it even looks like it!  During that trip we got to talk with a crazy guy who wanted to fight us and said we challenge him...   And I also got pulled over by boarder patrol cuz we made so many U turns they thought we might by dealing drugs  lol....

On Sunday we had one of the strangest dinners I’ve had for a while.  The family asked us not to bring up religion since their son and grandson would be there and would "get up and leave if the subject of religion came up".  So we did our best not to bring it up and that was super HARD.  I didn’t realize just how much that’s all I talk about now.  But it was so sad to see people almost ashamed with their religion that they couldn’t even talk about it near their family. 

Hermana Grove
This is my "baptism".   Well he was a member but just hadn't been to church or acted like it for over 50 years!    We both cried so much when we had to say good-bye.

We love BYU!
Elder and Sister Jack, our CES senior couple I love and miss so much!

We love Silver City!

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