Friday, March 8, 2013

Eat, Workout, Study, Eat, Study, Study, Study, Eat, Study Teach, Study, Sleep

So as you can tell by the title that is pretty much our days here in the MTC.
I am doing well,  the Spanish is coming along, its still difficult but I am accepting that I sound like a 3 year old.   I can now say a prayer, ask someone to be baptized, bear my testimony, ask for a referral, and barely teach the Restoration.   Our district is working really hard on trying to talk in Spanish as much as possible.
So this morning our Zone got up at 5 AM to do laundry,  and it was actually not that bad especially cuz we got a nice nap in too.
Our fun highlights of the week were that Hermana Hale and Huston learned that Pickles are made from cucumbers.  And the worst thing ever is that I got sick last night and threw up in the middle of teaching a lesson.  We realized I had drank a big gatorade that day,  which of course has plenty of Citric Acid, which I’m allergic to,  so yep no more at all for me :(  I really loved Gatorade......
This week we got to watch a recorded devotional by David Bednar and it is life changing.  It is all about turning out to others and being more like Christ.  The best things I took away from it were "Who cares what you want,  Get over yourself and do what the Lord wants".  And the other was to get a paper back cheap Book of Mormon and keep notes and highlights on a certain topic like Christ Like attributes or I am doing it on Missionaries and conversion.   Also with turning out my companion and I have been turning to the Lord more and more,  we realized that we were always praying for help and the Spirit before lessons but never actually thanked our Heavenly Father after.   Which reminds me with the thank yous,  Thank you so much to everyone who came to my farewells and an extra Thank You for those who gave me cards or gifts,   I really appreciated them,  The last 2 days home were so busy that I never got around to thank you cards, but know that I love you all so very much.
So for those sisters who want to know about the MTC,  just be prepared to be thrown around in a tornado and change everything you do almost daily.  I had to really learn to open up and tell others my feelings and bear testimony a lot.  Keep a notebook of things you discover you need,  don't stress about how you look and keep it modest,   I know silly but it really makes it easier when you aren't worried about if you are distracting your elders to much.  Start loving everyone you meet it really helps and learn how to listen to the Spirit.  Don't worry about the language - everyone else is just as lost as you are.   Remember that no matter what, you can call upon your Heavenly Father,  He loves us all and is extremely aware of us, especially his missionaries. 
Much Love and keep letters coming (even if I've never met you I will answer questions here, and a special little shout out to Jenny who recognized me in the cafeteria this week I can't wait to see you in Tucson!)
Hermana Grove

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