Friday, March 29, 2013

Last MTC email

Well Ya’ll I made it!    Well through the MTC that is, on Monday I fly to Arizona and will be out speaking Spanish to native speakers, crazy right!
So this week honestly I can’t remember much.  Yesterday we found out that Elder Lenz, one of the Elders in my district, will be returning home due to medical reasons. It is all I can think about......  I have grown so close to everyone in my district and can't believe that he wont be joining us in the field.  We all broke down crying last night for him when he told us.  This one Elder has strengthened me personally so much.  He would laugh and have fun even through many doctor visits and my companion and I had the opportunity to teach him as an investigator a few times.  He was always there for an inspirational thought, to debate something, or just plane make you smile.  I am very sad that the people of Mexico will not get to meet him just yet.  But my absolute favorite part about this Elder is his testimony.  He would boldly declare to anyone of his knowledge of the Atonement.  He would really strengthen us all so much and brought the Spirit so strong.  His last words for the district instead of just saying how sad he was and proud he was of us he testified of his knowledge of the Atonement and how he knew that it was true and blessed him so much. It is really true that if the Atonement was not performed then there would be no point at all to this life and how it is only through Jesus Christ we can return to live with God again.
O so some of the week is coming back to me, on Sunday I was the lucky winner to have to give a talk in Spanish, which actually wasn't as bad as I was expecting.  Monday was Hermana Hale's Birthday and we had a fun mini party for her.  Then on Wednesday I got to be a host for some new missionaries and help them out, it was way fun to just help other people as much as possible, even if their suitcases were sometimes bigger than me.....   Then yesterday was In Field Orientation which for being 8 hours long wasn't actually all that bad.  
So on Monday I fly to Arizona.  I can't believe my time in the MTC is almost up,  I have learned so much being here.  I have strengthened my own testimony in so many aspects, especially of the Atonement and of Christ and what he has done for us.  I have struggled and learned to call upon my Heavenly Father very often and rely on him for everything I do.  I have learned more about how to be patient with myself along with others.  I am a disciple of Jesus Christ,  I proudly wear his name on my chest and am ready to share his gospel with the world.  I hope I can show that I represent Christ to the best of my ability in the field and that I will be able to strengthen others by the fire of my faith.
Keep reading and praying and for any of you thinking about a mission remember what it says in Doctrine and Covenants,  if ye have a desire you are called to the work!  So come join us and serve,  it will make you a better person and bring you personally closer to Christ as you bring others closer as well.
Much Love
Hermama Grove


  1. Keeping you in prayer as you travel to Arizona. Hugs!

  2. Hey Suzy! It's good to read your updates. We will be trying to get you a letter soon. (: