Tuesday, April 2, 2013

I'm Here!

Wow Im in Tucson now!    It is crazy to think that just 2 days ago I was in the nice safe little bubble of the MTC where everyone was Mormon and now I’m out here where not so many people are.....   So yesterday we flew out in the morning then got to do orientation and play some games.   President and Sister Killpack are the BEST!   They are so cute and love each other so much!   Then last night we got to spend the night at the mission home and that was the best sleep I have gotten in 6 weeks!   The sheets were so soft and amazing, and I was so tired.   O also last night we had something called Senora Hot Dogs (forgive the spelling)   which are like a giant roll with a hot dog, beans, tomatoes, mustard, green chili sauce, either mayo or sour cream I couldn't tell, and I think sauerkraut - I honestly couldn't tell what all was in it but just that it was delicious!

So this morning we got to find out our new companions and our areas.  I am serving in a Spanish branch somewhere in central Tucson.  I actually live right next to ASU.  (see comment below, she meant University of Arizona) I haven't gotten to learn much since we just went from training to the apartment and now to the library.   My companion is so far super awesome and loving even though I have only known her for 6 hours.   The scariest thing so far is that since she doesn't have a license I have to drive in a new car, in a new city, and have not driven for 6 weeks!   It’s very crazy and difficult!   I know so far that tonight I will have to teach 3 lessons in Spanish (I'm a bit nervous)  and then have dinner (here’s to hoping my stomach doesn't burst open)

On my first day here we had to run up this hill to the Mormon Battalion Memorial monument and we had been given a Book of Mormon - well instead of just focusing on the end of getting the the Monument I stopped and talked to some people and guess what!  I got one guy talking so much that the Assistants had to take him and taught him while I caught up to the group.   I was so happy to be bold and open my mouth.  I am so glad to finally be here and helping others!   I love it here in all its cactus glory (I really think there are more Cacti than people)

Much Love to everyone
Hermana Grove

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  1. Correction: She is staying next to the University of Arizona in Tucson not ASU.