Monday, April 29, 2013

Can you feel the Love?

So this week has been a very emotional week.  We had a sister's training and so that was the greatest to get to see all the sisters in the mission and especially my MTC district sisters.  But that night our baptism dropped so we are still meeting with him but he gets to pick his new date. It is really sad because we don't know what more we can do to help this young man and know he wants to be baptized.  Then on Thursday we went up to the Gila Valley and got to go to the Temple which was awesome!   But afterwards we went to lunch at this pizza buffet and all got super sick from it. Like our stomachs are still hurting!  But then on Saturday was the saddest because we had this amazing family move into the area cuz the father needed a liver transplant about 3 weeks ago and this week he took a turn for the worse and passed away on Saturday. It was very hard for my companion and I cuz we have come to love this family so much and we were really mourning with those that mourn as it says in Mosiah 18. So we visited the family and learned that today they will move back to Texas. So we said goodbye along with the rest of the branch last night and the Grandmother insisted that it was not adios pero Hasta Pronto and that we will have to visit them in Texas. It has been great working with this family and helping them see how God has a plan for all of us and that they will see their dad again.  

So this week has been a bunch of ups and downs as always for a mission.  But I love it and am so glad that I can be here to help others.  I really get to feel the Spirit work through me everyday.  For example we had an extra half hour to knock on doors and didn't know where we wanted to go so I just drove till I felt like we should stop and we stopped on this small street and found this family with a very ill mother and they let us in and had us say a prayer with them.  People really see us as messengers and ministers of Christ and I know that was why we were supposed to be there.

Thank you for everyone's support!
Much Love
Hermana Grove

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