Monday, April 15, 2013

Lets get Finding!

So this week was very busy.  We haven’t had many people to teach so we spend a lot of time looking for people to teach which means knocking on a lot of doors!   Also on Thursday was a special mission wide finding day where we went on exchanges.   So I got exchanged to an english area in North Tucson and learned just how different it is serving in an english ward versus spanish branch.  Now I thought we got treated pretty well here, the members feed us every day and we have a car and a pretty nice apartment.  But those english sisters are SPOILED they have a nicer apartment than I have every lived in - it’s one of the few places in Tucson with actual green grass.  It also had a dish washer and walk in closet!   I was just floored.   Then they get dinners with members every night where the members give them tons of leftovers, especially desserts - the kitchen had about 5 cakes just sitting on the counter.  Then for dinner that night we went out with a member to Outback Steak House!  My jaw almost hit the floor.  But here was the issue, I have adapted so well to mexican food that the food at the restaurant made me sick the whole next day.......   But with all those perks their work is a bit harder since people aren't exactly as humble up there so they are much less likely to change.  Also homes are so spread out that we walked at least 4 miles which equaled major blisters on my feet that ended up bursting while walking.  So I can officially say that I bled for the work!   But while I was gone Hermana Wright who was in my area got bit by a dog so I think I was very content with the blisters.   But overall that day was very successful for the mission.   And for me the best part was that we knocked on a door where the lady spoke spanish and my companion at the time didn't know much spanish since she has been serving english for the past 2 transfers, so I talked to her the whole contact!  In Spanish all by myself!!!   And ended up giving the referral to the Elders who serve also in my brach.  I was so happy to have talked with someone in understandable Spanish and understand her.  It made me feel like im actually making progress!

So aside from that we should hopefully have a baptism this week!  A mission really is a ton of work but it is so worth it when I get to see someone make that choice to follow God and Jesus Christ!

Bye for now
Hermana Grove

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