Friday, March 22, 2013

What, Email now?!?!

So yes it is true even in the MTC it is true!!   We can now email anyone as long as its not someone of the opposite gender in our mission boundaries.     So everyone go ahead and email me at  however I really do prefer to have hand written letters they make me feel so much more like a missionary and I can take a bit longer to respond.  especially since I will only be in AZ
So events of this week,   On Sunday we sang in the choir and we sang a great brand new song that will be shown on TV between Saturday sessions of General Conference so everyone watch and look for me,  I was in a green shirt.   Then we have been teaching our "investigators" a ton!   Like 2 or 3 lessons a day!    And on Wednesday for the new missionaries all the sisters in our district got to be example missionaries for the new missionaries in "How to Begin Teaching"   basically we showed up at a referral's house and got to know the person and showed love for them to lead the missionaries into teaching.  There were about 60 missionaries in each room watching us.   We figure it means we really rock at teaching or needed a ton of help.   I'm hoping it was the 1st option but we did love the practice that we got.
Spanish is coming along
O I have sadly gained about 5 pounds but it has literally all gone to my butt,   I put jeans on today, and was like woah!   That's where the weight went.....
So yes things are awesome here  During our district meeting this week we had the spirit so strong with us.  We all shared how the atonement has affected us and can help others.   I really gained an even deeper love for my Savior and what he has done for me
Tata for now!
Hermana Grove

A note from Suzy's mom:
She didn't add the part in about having to go a chiropractor because she popped a rib out.  Yes, this has happened before.  She's a gymnast but I assume she wasn't doing gymnastics at the MTC.  It scared me when I got a phone call from the MTC health clinic saying my daughter had come in.  Thankfully she is doing fine now.

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