Monday, March 10, 2014

So this is how Old feels

So all this week the theme has been "Wow you only have a little bit left".   I have heard that from like every new missionary in our zone as well as our members.   It’s so weird to think that ya that is true and yet I feel like I really still do have a long time.   

But this week was great!  We got so much done it was crazy!   We have had some boundary changes for our area so we now doubled our size but lost part - which happened to be the part that we had been working the entire time I’ve been here.  So we are going to have some fun.  So with that we still have this one little corner that has a little Mexico trailer park that we have spent just about everyday in this week.   We will go for an appointment and just walk around the entire park and talk to anyone we see - we are really good at that.  This week I even talked to this one guy while he was fixing his car.  It was kind of awkward but hey that’s what happens when you talk to everyone!

Here is a quote that I loved from our mission president today:   In other words, one day the Lord won't ask what did you DO in life, but he will ask what did you BECOME.  When your mission is ended, no one will really care what you DID on your mission, but they will see what you were able to BECOME.  Choose to Become.

Hermana Grove

With my last zone

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