Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Transfer time!

Yep it was transfers again.   So I now have a new companion.  It’s awesome because we served around the same area as each other in New Mexico.  Also everyone keeps telling us how much we will be getting along. 

So yesterday we got to go biking for a little while cuz one of the Elders biffed it and scraped up his hands really bad, so we gave them the car.   But we had may flaws in our plan: #1  I don't really know how to ride a bike to well....   #2 it was dark and the bikes had no lights on them   #3 we had to take a really busy street   #4 the member we went to see wasn’t home.....   #5  I had to use the bathroom really bad.....  But hey we made it and I’m still alive.  We just took back roads in neighborhoods as much as possible and the Elders followed us with the lights of the car.  Then on the main road we just took the sidewalk (we really debated this cuz it was risk getting hit by a car because they couldn't really see us or risk the ticket of riding on the sidewalk.  We decided the ticket would be better than dying)   But I was so scared I just held on to the handle bars sooooo tight!   The elders asked me how I felt after and my answer was just I don't know.  All I felt was scared and just prayed the entire way that I would make it safe.

Also this week was the Gilbert Temple Dedication.  That’s something so special to be able to go see the dedication of a house of the Lord.  One thing that really stood out to me was that just because there are problems to overcome doesn’t mean that great things aren't going to happen - President Eyring shared from when they were building the San Diego temple and how there were so many problems they had with it that he wasn't even sure if the Lord would accept that temple.  But He did and it’s now one of the most beautiful and recognizable temples around.

Have a great week everyone!
Hermana Grove

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