Monday, February 24, 2014

One Year!

That’s right a year ago I was in the MTC freaking out about learning Spanish (Spanish has only gotten a little better since then).  But with that year mark came the stomach flu - but hey I got exactly what any missionary would want (a day in bed), so I guess it was worth it in a way.  Also on that day was when a girl I taught in New Mexico got baptized (she is the first person I have taught on my mission to get baptized) and then I found out that the next day a guy I taught back in New Mexico also got baptized.  But the best part was Saturday (the next day).  We had a baptism of our own in this area.  It was the first time that I have found, taught, and been there for the baptism of someone. Ok, also the first time I have been there for a baptism of my own anyway. It came with a crazy day of our car door breaking and us having to run around everywhere but it ended well.   It was so funny though.  I have spent the past year of my mission feeling well not so great just because I didn’t have a baptism and now that I have, I feel exactly the same - it doesn't matter!   Baptisms don’t make a missionary successful.  All that matters is that we try our best and we do what the Lord needs us to do.

Hermana Grove

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