Monday, March 17, 2014

Another Week!

So this week was actually super great!   We got a lot done!!!   So we had changes in our area, so we went to part of our new area.  It’s like 20 miles out of town and it’s just desert and trailers.  But just in our one visit we saw 3 people!   And the Elders who gave us that part said it was useless....  silly Elders missionary work is for Sisters.

We have also been just driving around a lot trying to find people who used to get taught by the missionaries.  It’s called formers work and it’s just crazy because we drive and drive and find the house, then when we find out that they don’t live there we cross them off.  Nothing to exciting but hey it’s something to do and sometimes we find people who speak spanish.

At church on Sunday was crazy awkward.  We had a high council man speak (someone not from our congregation)  and he told a story of his working for border patrol.....   not the thing to bring up in a Spanish branch.  So he talked about finding people about to die and how giving them water is like how we need the Living water of Jesus Christ.  The message was great but the chapel was DEAD silent and I could just tell that everyone was like ummm bad choice of story topic!   But hey it made for a good story.

Then last night while trying to go to bed our upstairs neighbors were well being very noisy with something rather inappropriate - baby making....    and so my companion and I stayed up just singing hymns until they stopped....   o the fun of being a missionary!

Hermana Grove

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