Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Welcome to New Mexico, Land of Enchantment

So this week has been transfers and I am out in Silver City New Mexico!

It’s crazy different.  So far this is what I know,  my companion's name is Hermana Waldo from California too!    She is a transfer younger than me in the mission.   We never see our zone, only our district, and that’s only 4 companionships.  I drive a jeep and am over an English Ward, YSA Branch and Spanish Group.   Everyone works in "the mines"  and lives in trailers.  There is a little college here and a lot, and I mean a LOT of country side.   The nearest Sisters are about an hour away and I will pretty much not see other missionaries.  It’s super different

I was SO sad to leave Tucson and my awesome branch there.   Yes I cried.....   So this week I really don't remember much I just know that my brain is spinning cuz I’m super tired and had a 4 hour drive to get out here.  I do remember Sunday night was super fun because we had 3 dinners.....    yep this is why I have gained 15 pounds,  which brings me to my next point of someone please send me something for weight loss.   haha!!!

So ya that’s what’s going on now.
Hermana Grove

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