Monday, August 12, 2013

First week in New Mexico

So out here in New Mexico it is very country.  Like our members give us things from their farms.  I now drink goat milk and eat fresh eggs.  

The work is insanely slow, like I thought it was slow in my last area but no it’s worse.  We only taught 15 lessons (like 3 of them were investigators).    But the fun thing about life here is that I get to drive a jeep, mostly cuz if we had a little car it wouldn't make it since we drive on so many dirt roads.    

Also, I got chased by a dog..... again........     This time we were walking up to a less active member's giant dirt driveway and down the drive way comes this dog booking it and barking real loud at us.  I ran back to the jeep realizing as I ran that the dog was much faster than me,  but it was OK cuz it stopped before it got to us.  

Other interesting thing is serving in a YSA (Young Single Adult) branch,  everyone is my age.  So it’s kinda like being at home and we go to all their activities and things.  It’s super weird just chatting and being part of a YSA group again....

Oh and it’s way weird to be eating American food again.  I got steak one day and yummy pasta another!   No beans and rice.  It’s really weird.

Hermana Grove
                                                        Welcome to New Mexico!

This is my last district.  It pretty much sums up our transfer.  The sisters seriouse and the elders crazy.

My Honduran family I love so much!

                                                        Welcome to the country.

                                     The city of South Tucson!    aka Northern Mexico

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  1. Its great to see every one who is smiling because of God.

    Thanks for sharing!

    family care foundation (fcf)