Monday, April 28, 2014

Temple Time

So this week was awesome!

We got to go to the temple on Tuesday.  It was so nice to just go and enjoy the Spirit!   I loved it!

Then since we didn't really have anyone to see we went through our ward directory a ton and met just about every member who lives in our area.  But that came with a few good stories.  First we went to this guys house and he opens the door with his Iphone recording us.  That video was so funny cuz I just looked at him and was like  umm why are you recording us?  Turned out, that neighborhood had been having issues with robberies and some really mean solicitors before.  Then just around the corner we tried another person  but parked down the street a ways cuz we found some shade and a nice spot off the road so we are walking down the street to this house and hear someone pull up next to us.  It was the lady whose house we parked kind of in front of telling us to move our car and how we would get a lot of shut doors in that area and that they don’t like solicitors.  She was just super rude!  And we weren’t even parked in front of her house, we were parked in the dirt off the road kinda near her house....   o well its just the times we live in I guess.

But awesome miracle here!   We were like starving for referrals so I fasted for them yesterday and guess what, this morning we got a call for a referral!   So exciting to see just how much fasting and prayer work!

Also I found a quote I loved from Preach My Gospel about The Book of Mormon,   it says:  "One of the most effective ways to teach and testify of the Savior is to read together from the Book of Mormon".   It’s so true since the Book of Mormon helps us to know that Christ is our savior why would it not help us teach and testify of him.

Hermana Grove

The missionaries in my ward

With Sister Hardy, my MTC companion

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