Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Guess what? I’m potty training!

Haha.  So today I am 3 months old in the mission.  So I am keeping tack like I am 3 years old.  So then I am starting my potty training but my mom (my trainer) says that she won't change my diapers.

So ya sometime life gets a bit boring and we make up funny things.

This week has been interesting.   We taught a good bit and some of our investigator stalking has paid off.  We had one investigator we had to go see at work because we could never get a hold of him.  But we ended up getting an appointment with him!    Then we started teaching a family from Honduras and it is amazing!   Last night we taught about the Restoration and the Spirit was so strong!   I was able to really feel the gift of tongues working as I taught because I was able to say words I didn't even know (or had heard like once).   It was so amazing to see how the message of how Christ's church is again on the Earth and Joseph Smith can just change a person so much!   I love teaching people about it!

So other than that not much else exciting has happened.  Its getting hotter and hotter and so we are going to have a competition with the elders soon on who can get the most water bottles in a day.  There have been some days we have come home with about 5 or 6 water bottles.  But they are really needed out here in the heat!

But yes, mission life is amazing and if you have never heard the missionaries teach about Joseph Smith and the Restoration, go find your local missionaries!   I promise you will feel the Spirit like you have never felt before!

Much love to all
Hermana Grove

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