Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Hermana Dolittle

Hello Friends!

So this week has been full of animal fun!   

First is from a day tracting, we were going to this house and saw a dog laying by the door and when we paused and then took another step it lunged for us.  So I booked it down the street to turn around and see my companion wasn't with me so I went back to find her starting to run. She had stood her ground and prepared to kick him. So after it stopped going for her we both ran as fast as we could. I was laughing so hard that I could barely do our next door contact.

Next is that we visit this sweet old lady with half a leg and half a foot so she doesn't get out of her house much.  I love her.  She is the best and she loves when we get to visit her and read the scriptures.  But she has a little dog who has become my best friend.   And this week the dog decided to kiss me.  It was so funny.

Then the next day we visited another member and she has a ton of birds.  Well I had on a fuzzy shirt and my companion said I looked kind of like the bird so I went and hung out with it and ended up dancing with it for a little bit.

So other than that the other excitement is that today was transfers.  And let me tell you Sunday night transfer calls are nerve racking!   We just sat and stared at the phone hoping we wouldn't get a call then others would text us when they got called and we would jump.   But lucky for us we are both staying in this fabulous area!   I’m so happy cuz I love it here so much!

Well until next week.  Keep looking up and to the Lord!
Hermana Grove

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