Tuesday, August 5, 2014

Continued from yesterday

Ok so since we didn't get a ton of time yesterday this is the rest of my week:

We have been getting to have a lot of time with the members in the ward so my companion can get to know them and be comfortable with them.  We got to talk with one missionary mom who said the biggest thing she wished her son would tell her is about that he is getting fed.  So yes for the record I am getting fed, we tend to get dinner just about every night!

I did get to go on an exchange this week as well to a YSA area - it was super weird being around kids my own age who weren’t missionaries.

And then for today it’s sure a good thing we planned on extra email time because our car got backed into while it was parked!   I go my whole mission without an accident and what happens?  My last 2 weeks we get hit and aren't even in the car.....    hey it’s good though, it means we didn’t get hurt and it’s just a little paint.

Here are some pictures from the past little bit.

Hermana Grove

Dancing in the rain!

Dinner with members!  We went through a week of A LOT of pizza

We love our bikes, can't you tell?

And riding on a member's scooter!   We decided we like them better than the bikes

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