Friday, August 22, 2014

Welcome Home!

Its been crazy!   I can't believe I am home now.   18 months seriously flew by so fast!    I got to learn so much and grow and now it just feels like it was all a dream.  

So these are just some of the things that I have learned from my service:

  • To talk poorly and/or question your leaders is doubting God
  • Fasting and prayer really do work!
  • The Spirit can be felt in any language
  • Change must start with desire
  • Good visiting or home teachers can change a person's life for the better
  • Listen louder than you speak (im still working on that...)
  • Scripture Study (Particularly the Book of Mormon) changes lives for the better
  • Take it one day at a time
  • Enduring to the end takes diligence - Rome wasn't built in a day
  • Love your companion, its the only way
  • Make memories
  • Rely on the Spirit
  • I can do hard things
  • Its ok to not be perfect
  • If everything goes perfect we are not mortals doing the work of the Lord
  • Transfers, and missions do eventually come to an end
  • To keep a cake moist, add a scoop of mayo
  • Always use butter and real whipping cream
  • Before you barrow bikes to ride at night, make sure they have lights
  • If you are going to be biking on a busy street with no bike lane, its good to know how to ride a bike first
  • Asking for a "beso de agua"  is a bad idea
  • Saying that an Elder is "muy suave con sus palabras"  is inappropriate and will result in funny looks and jokes
  • Announcing to a Spanish branch in Tucson that you work for the boarder patrol makes the room go dead silent
  • Decide NOW to keep the commandments
  • Prayers are answered - no matter what they are for (even if its just for ice cream)
  • The only easy day really was yesterday
  • Never leave a dirty dish out - ants will attack
  • Jumping the mission soccer mom jeep will throw out the alinement, but its so worth it especially when your companion gets it on tape
  • Bike tire pressure should be at 40 PSI, not 10
  • Write things down that you have learned
  • Its much easier to just keep the commandments in the first place, than repent later
  • Never have a cat!
  • Don't trust the men selling perfume from their car trunk
  • Everyone has their own struggles
  • Trust God, he knows best, and believe in good things to come
  • To change a car tire alternate what side of the rim you remove to bolts
  • Hot oil + water = fire
  • Don't hug a dog
  • We are all children of God and all have our own journeys here on earth

Even though being home is new and strange I am real excited to see what the rest of my life can bring :)

Coming Home

Being with my mommy!

after being released what should you do? 

Jump into a pool fully clothed!

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