Monday, June 17, 2013

Are you a Mormon?

So this week I used the most awesome contact approach.  We have this idea in our mission for contacting with "Hey, are you a Mormon?" and I did it yesterday!  I was so scared.  I think my heart raced at like 5000 beats in a minute, but I did it and had a nice contact - they were Catholic and didn't want anything from us, but still I did it and they didn't hate me!  I also was given this awesome quote that takes some fear out of the work. "Heavenly Father Loves his children to much to make me their only chance at salvation".  It really comforted me when I didn't know if I was doing a good enough job contacting people.

I have been doing pretty well this week health wise. (FINALLY!)   With teaching people, we are doing awesome at getting member help which is the biggest blessing ever but sad news is that our miracle church goer didn't come this Sunday, but we plan on trying to see him today!

This Sunday will be transfer calls, so next Tuesday will be the report of if I’m staying or going to a new area or getting a new companion.  It’s crazy how fast time has gone and yet how slow it feels!

Much Love to All
Hermana Grove

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