Monday, June 3, 2013

Week who knows what number....

So this week has been another slow week.  We set our first baptismal date in a month which promptly fell through because he didn’t go to church.  It’s sad when people don’t go to church because we know just how important it is.  Just this Sunday was fast Sunday and we had a mission wide fast for what our specific areas needed and I was able to receive revelation for some great stuff.  I also love being able to take the Sacrament and remember and renew those promises I made when I was baptized.  I wish there was a way to just show everyone how amazing church can be but I guess it’s hard at times for others to see the blessings that they can't even think of themselves.  We even got to spend the morning trying to round up people to come to church and visited about 6 people in 2 hours just trying to get people to remember church but no one came :(    

One thing I have learned through all this is just how much my testimony stands on its own and how I need to make sure it keeps staying strong.   One scripture I found that I love is in Alma 57:27.  It's about the Stripling Warriors and how they were all young but were firm in mind and kept faith in God.  It really is exactly what a missionary is and we are as the Army of Helaman!

Hermana Grove

A note from her mom:
She is having a hard time with a rib popping out and went to a chiropractor today and has to go back next week.  Some encouraging letters or emails would be wonderful.

Sister Suzanne Grove
Arizona Tucson Mission
939 W. Chapala Drive
Tucson, AZ 85704


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