Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Finished Training

So this week finished up my in field training.  It was a crazy week because Monday night we got a call from the Mission President saying my companion was going to be emergency transferred Wednesday.  But we had an exchange on Tuesday.  She we rushed to start packing and say goodbye to some people.  Then Tuesday night she packed more all to get another call from President to say that he changed his mind and to stop packing.....

So this was the last week of the transfer and with that they were staring us right in the face....  But we went about the week and had a great week with plenty of lessons!   Then come Sunday night (transfer calls).  We waited and waited and then there was no call so we went to bed thinking either we were forgotten or are staying.  Come 10:45 we get the call my companion is headed to Nogalas with my companion from the MTC  and I am getting a sister from our Zone and get to break her into Spanish!   So it was pretty much insane.

Also with the transfers we looked at if we were successful and I was feeling like we hadn’t been just cuz my view of missionary work was converts and teaching nonmembers and helping them come to know the truth and be baptized.   But I saw then during the week just how it is also in helping the members, especially those who have lost touch with the truth.    

First story comes from a man that when we first started teaching him he was kind of less active in the church.  So we have been seeing him every week and he has been coming to church and this week he got a calling!   He is now fully active in the church and he said that it was all thanks to us and how we visit him.  I was so amazed that I was able to help him and have seen such a great change in him - I just cried.      

Another story is of a recent convert in the branch and he is amazing!   He has had a lot of bad things come his way that would usually make someone leave the church or turn away from God but he just keeps going and comes closer to Him.   He told us just how much he loves all missionaries but how we have helped him in everything and the best thing ever is that he promised that he is always our friend and always our bro.   He is just so sweet and I can see him just turning more and more to Christ.

So the work here is moving forward in ways I didn’t expect!  I know it’s all for God and I know that all of these people are his children!

Much love
Hermana Grove

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